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"God Almighty, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Lord, you are the only Creator, beside You there is no other God, and Lord, we gather together today to pray with brothers and sisters of all denominations throughout this nation. And we realize the perilous times we are now living in, where evil is becoming good and good is becoming evil. We are living on the precipice of a social, political, and moral, and financial collapse. We have rightly judged ourselves, God, we have rightly brought ourselves into these rough waters, because we have ignored Your word; we have ignored Your warnings; even in the house of God we have crafted our own Christ; God, forgive us for this abominable evil; forgive us, Lord, forgive the pastors of this nation, for what we have done, standing in pulpits and not preaching a Christ that people can lay hold of. Lord Jesus Christ, we ask you, God, for a season of mercy, we ask for a spiritual awakening in this land, we ask You Father, in Jesus Name, to touch our hearts, touch our homes, God, touch our churches. Lord, you are the God in the book of Ezekiel who breathed on bones and brought them back to life, even though they died around the altars of their own making. You showed how merciful You can be. Oh God, You are the one who stood before the grave of someone you loved who had been dead for four days, and You called him back to life again. So this is Who we cry out to this day, Lord. You are able to breathe on us again, You are able to call to us again and bring us back to life.

I pray, God, forgive us our ignorance, bring us back together as a body all over this nation, bring us back together in prayer, singleness of purpose, bring us back to the Scriptures again, help us to cast off the gods of our own making. Oh Jesus Christ, we ask You, Lord, for a season of mercy in this nation, we ask You for a time, God, such as You gave the apostle Paul in the book of Acts Chapter 27, when men and women had an opportunity to hear who You were one more time. God, give this generation an opportunity to hear about You. Turn back the flood of evil, turn it back, O God, Your word says that He who sits in the Heavens shall laugh, and vex them in His sore displeasure and have them in derision. God Almighty, we ask You, God, to blind those who are trying to drag this nation into a moral abyss, and we ask You, Lord, to open the eyes of this generation, open the eyes of the people of God, open our eyes to who You are, and what You desire to do, Your ability, God, to move Heaven and earth as we begin to pray. You Yourself said that if My people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked way, I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and I will heal their land. Now, My eyes shall be open, My ears listening, for the prayers that are going to be prayed in this place."


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