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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Methodist "way forward" re homosexuality

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 Methodist "way forward" re homosexuality

My pastor emailed me this today.

See link here. Maybe before you eat, to help you not be sick.

My thoughts, as I shared with him:

It would be foolish to expect that they could unite with that. That is a set up for every local church that has a supermajority of pro-gay members to, one by one, take over the UMC and their properties and leave the ones against gay marriage/ordination marginalized and in the cold. It is a piecemeal effort for the conference to let the locals do the dirty work, and they are ready to do it. Here in Decatur, they are ready in at least one, maybe up to four of the congregations.

That is more of a gauntlet than a way forward. If I was Methodist, I would be fighting mad.


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 Re: Methodist "way forward" re homosexuality

Absolutely disturbing and heartbreaking...but sadly not surprising as we approach the midnight hour...

The gradual but continual compromise of the church in many aspects of biblical faith has given precedence for such a ridiculous notion that the sin of homosexuality is merely a difference in scriptural interpretation and not actually something that is vile and abhorrent in the eyes of our God...and all this for the sake of "evangelism" as if "loving" man was somehow more important than loving God, which requires that we actually do what He says in His Word. When did apparent unity in sin become more important than the truth that divides in the house of without truth is a false love, and any unity built on this "truthless" love is but a mere pretense of unity...


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