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 Temple University winks at anti-Semitism in its midst

It's likely part of the coming great international sell out of the Jew. I'm not the only one who believes it is coming.

David Winter

 2014/6/2 6:20Profile

 Re: Temple University winks at anti-Semitism in its midst

if the great "sell out" comes, expect the Samson Option, let me quote Roger Rosenbaum:

'Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away—unlike the Armenians, Tibetans, World War II European Jews or Rwandans—have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?'

kind of lines up with what Jesus said, (red letters)

"Everyone will be salted with fire"

 2014/6/2 10:16

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Temple University winks at anti-Semitism in its midst

A couple months ago, I heard a blip on the six o'clock news from a muslim that no one in the media commented on (that I know of) and he said paraphrased by me:

"The Muslims hate the Jews because of .... ( can't remember but he went on...) and the Muslims hate the Christians because they serve the God of the Jews and they must all be eliminated."

That never showed it's ugly face on the news again. The Jews WILL BE sold out and so will true Christians.


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