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 what dose this mean

. “Blessed are the poor in spirit. Theirs is the kingdom.

what does this mean to you? Just looking to see what the Lord has put on the hearts of others.

God bless

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 Re: what dose this mean

Poor in Spirit is to constantly have the need for Spiritual food in our life. A person who is poor in money, seeks others help for meeting his day today needs and is always in need for money. Same way if we are Poor in Spirit, we always seek God's grace because we know we cannot help our self.

Brother Zac Poonen compares those who are poor in spirit to beggars in India, if you give them money one day they come to your house everyday asking for money. If you ask them what happened to the money I gave you yesterday? They will say I spent it for my needs yesterday. Same way a disciple who is poor in spirit seeks to be filled by God's spirit everyday, the one he got yesterday was enough only for yesterday.


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it also manfests its self as a broken and contrite spirit ,,,,despration for more of god

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Brother Zac Poonen compares those who are poor in spirit to beggars in India

That's what the greek means, "beggarly" in spirit. Do we constantly beg God for the grace and help each day in life in dependence or can we do Christian life on our own?

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A timely reminder of our reliance on God's grace.


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I ask this question to see what others are hearing from GOD on this. I have been reading about faith and one of the things touched on was this, "blessed are the poor in spirit."

Here is what I am seeing so far: The Good News of Jesus Christ starts with recognizing your poverty—“Blessed are the poor in spirit.” We have to start by not believing anything good about ourselves. That’s the starting place.

Only when you face the major crisis of seeing your own sin, then and only then can you really understand how much you need God.

These two quotes really are a beginning place of my understanding what it means to be "poor of spirit" As I continue seeking HIM I believe this starting place can be expanded to the realization that I will always need GOD, there will never be a second, or a minute, or hour of the day that I do not have need of HIM in my life!

Thank you for sharing the things the LORD has placed on your heart.

God bless

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