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 School Bullies Students To Accept 'Gay Marriage'

According to recent reports, the anti-bullying theme that has become commonplace among public schools has effectively transformed from protecting targeted students to endorsing policies many Americans find objectionable.

Leftist indoctrination is unfortunately nothing new within the educational system; however, the video reportedly shown to students a Craig High School in Janesville, Wis. indicates how far administrators will go in furthering their ideological mission.

As part of a daylong protest against the targeting of gay students, school board member Bill Sodemann explained kids were subjected to a 15-minute video that explicitly supports gay marriage.

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 Re: School Bullies Students To Accept 'Gay Marriage'

So sad but then I am not surprised to see this happening. The gay community has been pushing its agenda for some time now and they have become very bold and forceful in doing so. This past week HGTV cancelled a show set to air in the fall because the hosts are Christians who have spoke out against abortion and gay marriage. There is bullying going on but its coming from the gay community.

As for the people pushing this sinful agenda on young children all I can say are these people are so lost and deceived, we need to pray people will see their sin for what it is and repent and turn to Jesus.

God bless

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 Re: School Bullies Students To Accept 'Gay Marriage'

This world is getting sicker by the minute...come quickly Lord

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