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The idea of extraterrestrial life is problematic from a scriptural point of view for a couple reasons. First, the earth is, according to scripture, a very special place with a very special purpose. God created the earth and all of its flora on day three. It was after this that God created all of the other celestial bodies including the sun, the moon, the planets in our solar system, and all of the stars and galaxies in the universe. These things were created for service to the inhabitants of earth for signs and seasons. So creation was geocentric in the sense that God had a special purpose for a special place created in a special way in which would dwell His special creation, mankind. See Isaiah 45:8 and Psalm 115:16.

Second is the problem of sin. There is a realm that we, confined to our physical reality, are not able to clearly see. That is the spiritual realm. Yet the spiritual realm is no less real than the physical. Actually, since God is spirit and since He created the physical, the spiritual realm should be thought of as more "real" than the physical just as a creator is more "real" than his creation. Satan dwells in that spiritual realm just as God does. He tempted man to sin. God knew this would happen, and had prepared a way by which mankind could be redeemed to God. Jesus Christ, slain from the foundation of the world. That being the case, we are told that there is no other name in heaven or in earth whereby men might be saved. If there were other men in other places in the universe, and I am making a speculation outside of the Bible here, it stands to reason that they too would have sinned and that they too would have needed a savior. This creates a conundrum. Would Christ have to have been slain many times?

I think we can, from scripture, conclude that we are indeed special in the universe.

As to the dinosaurs, the idea of a meteor strike is at best an extremely shaky attempt at making an explanation of why we do not see these animals represented on earth now, and has its basis in an the timeline of an evolutionary world-view. We have no reason, other than the fancy of evolution, to believe that the Bible would treat a "dinosaur" as anything other than what it is...just another animal that is now extinct. Just 80 miles east of me I once toured a cave in which was found the skeleton of a saber toothed tiger. That creature is now extinct. Recent history (the past 2000 years) is replete with accounts of creatures that match exactly the description of dinosaurs that agrees with the skeletal remains that we find. In the last 20 years, the only partially fossilized remains of a t-rex were found in Montana I believe, in which the bone marrow still contained red blood cells, pointing to relatively recent death, definitely post flood. If "dinosaurs" were extant after the flood, then these animals must have been on the ark and must have been seen by Noah as no different in significance than any other animal.

Obviously there are those who disagree with this perspective. And Deadn is right, it would be sad indeed for brothers in Christ to become angry with one another over these things. But I do think that our thinking has been heavily influenced by the evolutionary perspective that has been so heavily promulgated among society in the past 200 years.


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