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leftbehind, so you are understanding the writer to mean that moral purity is not important? That it is irrelevant for our day and times?

Yes ma'am. Holiness and purity is being considered to be irrelevant for our times.I agree with your statement.

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To be fair, the "article" posted by ginnyrose on page one is not the actual article. This appears to be an editor for Christianity Today sort of previewing 2 different articles by two different authors in the Hermeneutics newsletter, one discussing the virginity issue and one discussing the issue of women in the church.

We cannot make any conclusions about what either article says without reading the actual entire article.

It would be great if someone could get a link to them so we could actually read what the authors have to say. Never safe to jump to conclusions.


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Greetings TMK

I did read one of the articles and mentioned it in my post that is what I based my first post on. The author of that article does not go so far as to say that its alright to commit fornication but she does not emphasize the importance of being chaste until marriage. There is a tone to the article of "yes fornication is sin but then we are all sinners" while this statement is true it does not support the reality that we are called by GOD to live in all righteousness or the fact that HE gives us what we need to do so.

The second article titled:Don't Blame Evangelicals for the Cult of the Virgin

does go into detail where some cults have come from that seem to worship or idolize virginity and has valid points one of which I agreed with in my other post, "that men are just as responsible to remain chaste until marriage as women." While I do believe it is important for the church to teach forgiveness of all sin when repented of and turned from, I do not agree that the church system of today goes to far in teaching the importance physically, emotionally, and spiritually to remaining chaste until marriage. To many see fornication as no big deal and some have even come to embrace it and make it a good thing. The church turns a blind on many times to those who are living together outside the bonds of marriage and the results is a weakening of the family. GOD does have a plan for us marriage and procreation is a part of that plan but it must be done HIS way and that is not really being taught today.

God bless

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