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 A Recommendation on an Excellent Movie

Saints just left from seeing God is not Dead. A very excellent, movie. I would rank it with Point of the Spear and Amazing Grace.

Without spoiling the ending the movie focusses upon a young college student who is forced to defend his faith in Christ in a secular philosophy class. There are sub plots that tell of faith in Christ.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is presented clearly in this movie. This would be a good evangelistic medium to share Christ.

I would commend this movie. Again one of the best things coming out of Hollywood. Personally moved to tears a few times.

Oh. In keeping with the spirit if the movie. God`s not dead. Might want to spread the word. Do see it. You will be encouraged. Oh. You can shed a tear or two.


 2014/4/5 16:24

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 Re: A Recommendation on an Excellent Movie

Thanks for the review bear. I do plan to see it.

How was the professor portrayed?

I haven't read any secular criticisms of the movie but I suspect the argument will be that the professor didn't do a good job of arguing the other side.

Have you (or anyone) heard or read anything like this?


 2014/4/5 17:01Profile

 Re: TMK

The professor is played by Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame. Actually he does a good job portraying an arrogant, atheist professor. But deep down he has some personal issues toward God. I do not want to say much more lest I spoil the movie.

I read Kevin Sorbo`s testimony. He accepted Christ at a Billy Graham crusade. At the height if his career he was incapacitated with an illness. This brought him closer to Christ.

I believe you will be edified when you see the movie. It reminds of the films the Billy Graham Association put out in the 60`s and 70`s that brought many to Christ.


 2014/4/5 17:47

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