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 Increasing attack on religious liberty in US Military

During President Obama's administration there a been a rather quick ratcheting up of restriction and downright harassment against expressing one's religious beliefs and affiliations especially if they are Biblical Christianity. This clampdown is coming from the top. Ever since the early 60's when Madalyn Murray O'haire, the prominent atheist then, got prayer and Bible reading removed from our schools, the federal courts have interpreted the 1st amendment which protects freedom of religious expression as freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion. Obama's friend Michael Weinstein heads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The name of the organization sounds great but the man is a fox guarding the hen house. If you are a Muslim, Hindu, atheist, pagan, witch, or Buddhist, Weinstein will defend you and your rights tooth and nail. If you are a Christian who is passionate and committed, you are a dangerous extremist and bigoted with your "narrow-minded" perspectives. Simply having a Bible on your desk is not permitted because you may offend someone who is atheist, agnostic or believes in a different God(s). The word Christmas is forbidden to be used for similar reasons. "Season holiday" is preferred. President Obama is the first President in my lifetime and probably ever that doesn't attend the Presidential Prayer Breakfasts that used to be held regularly. I know he doesn't attend but to be honest I don't know if they are even held anymore. He probably closed them down completely. Not sure. Below is a link to a PDF document compiled by the Family Research Council listing chronologically all the incidents where policies are being formed or interpreted to deny religious liberty primarily aimed against Christians. Michael Weinstein compares witnessing and proselytizing as "rape" and will not be tolerated. He proposes court martial for any service man who engages in such conduct. The Pentagon's official stance is that "religious exercise" does NOT include written or verbal speech. Reading this document is a real eye-opener and it stings.

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