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 The Lesson of the snare by Alan Martin

The Lesson of the snare. Well family, I believe we all have cause to re-examine whether or not we have ever really grasped the reality of a supernatural enemy whose strategy is not open warfare but hidden traps - the snares of Satan. David a man after God's own heart knew of them - "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare." Yet - even David, due to his own spiritual apathy stepped into a snare that had long term consequences for the remainder of his earthly life.

We are offered a sure way of safety, a promise that IF diligently applied will safeguard all of us from this very real danger. The safety offered to us is - walking in THE FEAR OF THE LORD! The fear of the Lord is both the beginning of wisdom and the source of the fountain of life that will KEEP US from stepping into the snares that are set for every one of us.

Carelessness is foolishness, a self-endangerment with grave consequence. If we know we have a supernatural enemy who is laying snares for us, and we know God is willing to teach us His perfect fear for our own safeguard, then if we disregard both the danger and the protection offered - this truth becomes our reality - "a man's own folly ruins his life." If we have both advance warning and divine protection offered - we can't even blame Satan for the snares we step in - we have only ourselves to blame.

If we truly grasp the danger we face daily and the protection we have been offered so graciously, we will avail ourselves to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that His own perfect fear will guide us every step. God will not be mocked. If we sow to the flesh we will reap corruption and the carnal desire for corrupt things is the very appetite that leads us headlong into every snare.

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