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 The internet the image of the beast

A friend of mine said that the internet is the image of the beast.

He also said that I was turned over and if I don't stop using the internet that I will receive the mark of the beast.

And I said that I visit a sight called SI and thousands of people flow into this website from all over the world. I said, are these people deceived? He said, "Those people are probably not christians".

I asked him, if you think that the internet is the image of the beast then why do you accept my burnt CD's that I send to you from the internet? He tried to dodge the question.

I am not sporting my brother here, I am presenting the foolishness that people have conjured up to fit into an end time scheme.

I feel sorry for my brother and my heart goes out to him.


 2005/4/8 22:58

 Re: The internet the image of the beast

the internet is redeemable. absolutely.

There is so much on the internet that can pull a man (or woman) into filthy unholiness, but I've come to view the internet in the same way that the roads in the time of the roman empire played in the propagation and spread of the Gospel.

with the partnership of the Holy Spirit we CAN redeem this internet, and make it an instrument to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lord bless you dear Karl.

 2005/4/9 0:08

Joined: 2005/3/29
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 Re: The internet is redeemable

A lot of people that say that internet is a place for perverts,and all that kind a stuff.
But is the place that we can use for evangelized to people don't know God, and to other christian that backsliding. I used to go the msn zone games, and witness there, i get a lot of harassment but still get a good responce in some.
Some times convo is a bit erkie, but through God's wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit still get through to the one who stay and read (listen), about what you got to say about Jesus.
I have fun witnessing there cause there are so many teen agers that lock them selves to internet, and they actually shut down emotionally, and hey feel free to talk to strangers that seems like not a treat to them.

 2005/4/9 3:05Profile

 Re: filter

The internet to me is no different then most metropolitan cities. I remember when I was in Montreal Canada, (I learned later that it is the gay captitol of Canada).

I had just received the holy Ghost some months before, and I was here in this city because my brother needed some medical treatment.

I was walking down St Catherines street which is the longest street in that city, and saw a peep show on every corner as I was walking by.

At first I rebuked the very thought of entering the place, but as I was passing so many it worked on my conscience. I was being desensitized, like the same MacDonalds commercial you see every time there is a station break, you got to go out and get one.

I come from a small ultra religious city of which such things are not tolerated.

So I am in this great big city of which anything goes. Well I entered one peep show and that was the end of that. The next day I had this urge to go in again, but I fought it. But the desires were there.

I sinned more by flirting with the shops by looking but not touching them. There was another incident that I won't share with this audience, which was worse than anything that I have ever done. I went back to my hotel room at 6 in the morning after all night excursion.

I said all this to mean that the Internet is just like that big city, anything goes.

The best thing that I have ever done was to put a on a filter from I got my sister to put in a password, and I don't even think about the temptation that are on there, and by the grace of God it will remain that way.

Being apart of the SI networks of believers has helped me to stay connected with believers and to listen to thier stories and/or opinions.

I feel God working in me after that filter was put on, it was like a true repentance that occurred. Mind you satan will always try and attack but I believe with this, it has weakened his advantage over me.


 2005/4/9 11:13

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Edmonton Alberta Cda.

 Re: filters

It is amazing the kinds of stuff that people try to squeeze into end time prophecy. If we use that logic, we could not eat out, ride a bus, or even walk on the road, because sinners pass that way to. It is most critical that we have on the armour, which includes the helmet to protect our heads (thoughts). We have to be continually vigilant to the works of the enemy.

lol Greg


 2005/4/9 11:50Profile

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 Re: The internet the image of the beast

I have spent much of today watching 'The New World Order' DVD by Jack Van Impe. The internet itself didn't come up but, the tracking capabilities of the computer did. He stated that Japan has created a system that is capable of calculating 13 trillion, 400 billion pieces of information per second. He stated that this is 2,000 pieces of information on every human being alive at this time that can be pulled up in one second's time!

I don't believe the internet is the image of the beast but I do believe it is going to be a useful tool in his hands.

The end times are a facinating compilation of prophecies fulfilled and is ushering in the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 2005/7/17 22:25Profile


Well... believe it or not, some Chritians can be idiots. Remember Y2K?


 2005/7/18 6:54

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