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 The God gene?

On the 21st it was Down Syndrome day. The 21st representing the fact that Down Syndrome people have an extra copy of chromosome 21. I am the father of a young man with Down Syndrome , Daniel , who will be 21 this year. The word " extra," is interesting to me. Daniel is not missing anything, he has an extra chromosome. Now as the world measures things he has something missing, intellect. Yet, when he looks at the world he is color blind. He is incapable of being racist. He loves equally. Men, woman, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the infirm, the mentally of physically handicapped, Daniel sees none of that, he only sees people.

This extra Chromosome allows him to view the world as God views the world. My son is happy and contented. I have watched other children mock him sometimes and burned inside, and then he would come in and tell me how much he liked them and that they were his friends. He would bear no ill will or grudges towards them and the very next day approach them and embrace them. This rarely made his Christian father happy.

Three days after he was born, in the midst of great turmoil and darkness the Lord Himself came and whispered in my ear " I have given you a perfect gift from the treasures of heaven." This is the clearest word I have ever had from the Lord.Daniel, exactly who he was, was made perfectly by the designer of all that exists. Daniel indeed has something extra, it is God given and I could only wish that I viewed the world through his eyes.

This group of people are not people who have an illness, they are a race of unique people with something extra. And that something extra should help us reevaluate how we measure perfection. If God is no respector of persons, if He loves all equally , then who is closer to the heart of God? Daniel or his dad? Without a doubt, Daniel is closer to the heart of God and I an observer and one who learns from those who have something extra, a God gene. He does not have less than me, I have less than he.......bro Frank

 2014/3/23 10:00

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 Re: The God gene?

Good view brother. We were given an option to scan our baby for downsyndrom. I asked the doctor what they will do if our baby still in womb had Down syndrome. She answered that we will be given an option to abort the baby. I said that anyway I will not agree to abort so then what the point of this extra scan? Then she said you can be at least prepared. I then Thought to myself, I have a god who will never let me enter a trail without preparing me for it. So I do not need this worldly way of preparing my self. Imagine if your child has an exam will you not take all effort as a parent to make sure your child prepares well? Same way before God lets us go through a trail he will prepare us.


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Hi Frank,

Thank you for sharing that. Can I tell you an amusing story (at my expense).
At the church we attend a lady has a grown son with Downs syndrome. He comes along occasionally and a month or so ago it was his birthday. I asked him how old he was and he said 35. "Oh your nearly as old as me then Philip", I replied. "Oh no, not THAT old"! he exclaimed with absolute seriousness and innocence. I felt truely put in my place, but had to agree he was right and I couldn't help laughing because the laugh was on me!

This absolute straight talking honesty is one of those nice traits of these special people. Most of us are far too diplomatic to say it how it is.


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HI bro Sree. Praise the Lord for not needing that extra test. The very sad truth is that a very high percentage of those who get the test abort. It is reckoned that within one or two generations there may be no more Down Syndrome children in the West, the population almost being wiped out. Interesting that the funding for this highly accurate test they have now came almost exclusively from the insurance companies. I also find it significant that these were the first group of people that the Nazi's went after to destroy as a population, with, for the most part, the consent of the majority of people. I think it is very significant to God as to how we treat " the least," among us.................bro Frank

 2014/3/23 15:38


Heydave, that made me smile :) Daniel's honesty is disarming :) He once pointed at my belly, and with total sincerity said " baby?" Needless to say I lost weight after that :)............bro Frank

 2014/3/23 15:40

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 Re: The ways God gives us what we need

Thank you Frank for sharing the blessing you are getting from Daniel, I get my blessing from Gretchen. Gretchen is 35, not with Downs but as is the current title, Delayed Development. It used to be Cerebral Palsy, but we don't apparently care for that term anymore?

Here in the San Diego area there is a ministry for handicapped adults. We learned of it fairly recently, but what an awesome opportunity for the Gretchens and the Daniels to gather for worship and fun together! We go every week, just Gretchen and me, and watch the magic as God moves in such a unique way among the wide variety of people who come. I can see your son laughing and loving in this kind of environment, loose and loud, lots of distractions, everybody looking around for the action.

Every so often someone yells out, "Who's the Man?"

"Jesus!!" comes the jubilant scream. And then they do it again...

But in it all my daughter and I have a new conversation, and it lasts all week. She loves going, and so do I. Also, I get to preach once a month or so, and that is a whole new challenge too! Different music groups come in to lead worship, so there is constant variety. We especially like the old duffers who come every so often who interact sweetly with the- I want to say "Kids," anyway, their name is the "Fried Cats." I am sure there is a story there, too...

Our group is called "Luv-Em-Up" and I couldn't think of a better name!

Not sure how widespread this kind of ministry is, there is assuredly no money in it. Most of the people live in state funded group homes with about a dollar a day to spend on personal things. Not much ends up in the offering baskets, which often spill on the floor anyway as they get passed through the rows...

But if you can find someone in your area ministering to special needs adults you will probably find a real treasure from God.

Go for it!

Tom Cameron

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 Re: The God gene?

Greetings Frank

Thank you for sharing this post here with us. Very beautiful made me smile and cry all at the same time.

God bless you and your dear son

 2014/3/25 18:36Profile


HI Sidewalk,

What a great reply. The " Fried cats," is an awesome name, made me laugh. I have been part of the special needs community now for 21 years and special olympics for the last 11 years. It has always blessed me and I have so often seen parents who have situations that would overwhelm most of us.............bro Frank

 2014/3/25 18:42

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We have special kinship on more than one level, Frank!

If you send me a private email with a picture of Daniel, I will send you one of Gretchen. Might be a special blessing to pray for each other's kids!

[email protected]

Tom Cameron

 2014/3/25 21:45Profile


That is a sweet story of faith and trust in the God you know, Sree and the God who knows and loves you. Thank you.

 2014/3/25 23:39

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