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 Revival: No Limit to What God Could Do

Got this today in an email. Wanted to share it. It's from Tozer.

Revival: No Limit to What God Could Do

But when they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some brethren to the rulers of the city, crying out, "These who have turned the
world upside down have come here too."
--Acts 17:6

There is no limit to what God could do in our world if we would dare to surrender before Him with a commitment like this:

"Oh God, I hereby give myself to You. I give my family. I give my business. I give all I possess. Take all of it, Lord-and take me! I give myself in such measure that if it is necessary that I lose everything for your sake, let me lose it. I will not ask what the price is. I will ask only that I may be all that I ought to be as a
follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen."

If even 300 of God's people became that serious, our world would never hear the last of it! They would influence the news. Their message would go everywhere like birds on the wing. They would set
off a great revival of New Testament faith and witness.

God wants to deliver us from the easygoing, smooth and silky, fat and comfortable Christianity so fashionable today. I hope we are
willing to let the truth get hold of us, even at the cost of rejection or embarrassment.

The faith of the heavenly overcomers cost them everything and gained them everything. What of our faith?

Jesus Is Victor!, pp.116-117.

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 Re: Revival: No Limit to What God Could Do

I recently met a group of Christians in the city (sydney, australia) who were handing out Christian books to people, I took one and read it, and so, already being a Christian I was interested to find out more about them, and see if I could help.

It turns out that they had made a decision to forsake all they owned, sell it and give the proceeds to the poor, and live every day working onyl for God. They eat what they find on the streets or are given, and God provides for them well, as they are in good health.

There are only about thirty of them around the world, and the three of them that I met, live in a campervan and travel up and down the coast distributing Christian tracts.

Their commitment is great, and their theology is sound, yet everyone in the church I talk to about them is suspicious - because they believe that these people might show up their own hipocrisy and force them to make changes to their own lives.

What do you think?

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That sounds like somebody I wish I had the courage to be. The church is lazy, and they don't want to follow the way of Christ. So many times we get wrapped up in "logical thinking" and are afraid Christ might call us to do something radical. I pray for myself that I would not make me think about the way things couldn't work, but about the way God will make them work.

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