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 Re: The translation of choice?

Bro bear wrote : /// So what is the Bible translation of choice for SI members? As if I don't know the answer.:)///

There is a special Anointing and a special Holiness with the KJV that I have not found that exist to the same degree with any other English translation.

So the question than becomes for me, why do I hold this inward certainty, and where did it come from.

When I started attending a church at 14 years old with a girlfriend. I asked her and her family for a Bible for Christmas and they gave me an NIV translation.
I devoured that NIV.
In some ways it may have been a fair translation to get a basic feel for the contents of Scripture but it also had some very disturbing characteristics namely in the footnotes. I remember as clear as yesterday, While studying the ending of Mark, the footnote saying : that those verses are not in the oldest and best manuscripts.

from what I can remember I had sort of mixed feelings about the footnote.
Such questions came to mind as : Where these verses inspired ? and if they are not what other verses might also not be inspired ?
The seed of doubt was planted. Unawaringly I was succumbed into the the world of textual criticism namely the modern, by that I mean : (introduced in the 18th and 19th century) method of biblical study known as the historical - critical method.

With out a doubt this method is causing a great falling away within the church : agnostic Bart Ehrman whom was mentored by the renowned Bruce Metzger is a prime example of the product that the historical - critical method is causing
this method was birthed out of the rising humanist philosophies of the enlightenment in which made man and the evidence that he could gather the measure of all things, :

Constantine von Tischendorf is a hero to those whom hold to the historical-critical method and his finding of the codex sinaiticus is one of the foundational stones for the modern critical text in which the majority of modern versions are based.

We should ask : What translation are we convicted to use ?

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A bioinformatics specialist, writing at The Conversation, takes the myth of science’s neutrality to task. Filipe Gracio of King’s College London is harsh but accurate:

"There is no pursuit of knowledge that does not seek to affect the world. Science is made by people with interests, intentions and ambitions; and it’s funded by governments and companies with agendas. Scientific development is subject to funding rules, to expectations about outcomes, and to social forces and institutions that shape our research."

Unfortunately, this is just as true for the science of "Textual Criticism", too.

The Protestant Church was highly influence about Textual Criticism or Higher Criticism by the Catholic Church

Textual or Biblical Criticism is manipulative at best. Read this:

Biblical textual criticism, called a science, is based entirely on theories developed by various scholars over several centuries. It is concerned with the origin of the text and the value of the text. The decisions are always based on human reason. Quoting former Dallas Seminary Professor Zane Hodges, determinations made concerning the authenticity of biblical passages are not made on the basis of "factual data which can be objectively verified, , but rather upon a prevailing consensus of critical thought."

Being a former Catholic, I know for sure that the Roman Catholic Church believes in and is actively engaged in "incrementalism". They have a long term generational vision and goals and they have done much damage over the centuries. They truly believe all churches will come home to Rome and are actively working on many fronts, not the least of which concerns Bible versions. The Catholic Church has always called the Bible, the Protestants Paper Pope (as an insult). So, they have focused their attack on the Bible. Here is a very good article by Will Kinney on their incrementalism.

 2014/3/22 1:57

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