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 Muslims helping Christians distribute Bibles in Egypt

Muslims helping Christians distribute Bibles in Egypt

Reportedly, over one million Egyptians have left Islam in the past year, thus creating a spiritual vacuum and amazing opportunities for believers to witness.

In one main city, believers organised a Love March on a main street as a witness to the Gospel. Gathering at a main intersection controlled by traffic lights, they spread out and went from car to bus, handing out Bibles – a very risky step of faith.

Eventually the police came; however, their only objection was that the group had parked vehicles holding more Bibles in such a way that blocked traffic. Would they kindly park on the sidewalk (forbidden!) to solve the problem? They distributed 1,000 Bibles on the first day and over 1,400 the following day.

One Muslim woman passed by in a taxi, stopped and got out to help in distribution. “We need more of these – and you – in our country,” she said.

Another Muslim was angry and attempted to grab and destroy Bibles. The young believers said, “Here you are, a Muslim, destroying one of the books spoken of with reverence in the Qur’an! Shall we report you to be arrested?” The man ran away.

Young Christians boldly handed out dates to a crowd, as is the custom to eat a date for ending the daily fast during Ramadan. Two dates and a Bible portion were in each small bag given out. A passing Muslim pointed out that it needed to be an odd number of dates, such as three or five, so the team added another date to each package.

They then moved in front of a mosque frequented by the Muslim Brotherhood, some of whom were impressed by the believers’ lack of fear and thus accepted the gift bags.

Overall, 60,000 Bibles were distributed nationally in the past year. Egyptian believers have a goal of distributing two million Bibles in the next five to 10 years.

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