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 pride and arrogance

(Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Monday of being guided in its foreign policy not by international law but by the "rule of the gun."

"Our Western partners headed by the United States prefer not to be guided by international law in their practical policies, but by the rule of the gun," he told a joint session of parliament.

"They have come to believe in their exceptionalism and their sense of being the chosen ones. That they can decide the destinies of the world, that it is only them who can be right."------

this quote from Putin struck me as i read it. he said that the US believe that they are the "chosen ones" and that they are the only ones who can be right? i was considering that and thinking over a discussion i had with another believer recently who said something very similar, that the attitude of this country whether christian or not always seems to be that "we are right?" we talked about the very negative influences some of those attitudes have had on other countries because we have taken our water down version of truth and told others this is the way you must be a christian. does this country struggle with the sin of pride, and arrogance? do we always seem to think we are right? are other countries any better or is the US really caught up in its own arrogance? i tend to think men no matter where they come from are sinners and all are capable of pride and thinking highly of themselves, not sure the US is any different then other places.


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 Re: pride and arrogance

sister Rainy....I hear you. ....i'd write more, but i'm in such pain, physical.....I cant even bear typing.

let me say this, there was a day when I was proud to be American....that day has come and gone. our leaders are madmen, and the people are like children, playing with their toys, and ipods, ipads, whatever those things are.

this scene....I felt like this since it came out....fact when I was watching it, I started crying, coz I saw the fires, and the pillars of smoke, bodies with birds of prey feasting on them....I see it.

 2014/3/18 16:01

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There is a lot of truth in what Putin said. The US and the Western leaders would have us believe they are the moral policemen of the world. Not that the Russians are the good guys, but neither is the US and the West.

What I believe we are seeing played out here is the New World Order guys, led by the US persuing their global agenda, but one strong nation (Russia) has dared to act in defience to them, which is why we are seeing such hypocrital outrage against them. They thought that they had Russia in tow as part of their G8, big bullys club. Now the G7 have taken away their ball and won't let them play with them.The thing is, Russia has a lot of military power, so they cannot push them too far.

The British Foreign Secretary (Hague) said Russia had gone against International order! What order does he mean? Egypt, Syria, Iraq? or maybe Sudan, Central Africa, etc?! Maybe he really means their planned New World Order!


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