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 Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist) in hospice care

and reportedly near death.

 2014/3/17 23:49

 Re: Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist) in hospice care

Fred Phelps is dead.

 2014/3/20 16:05

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Greetings Neil

I read about this a little while ago and I was saddened to think how this man lived and if he died with the same hate in his heart where he is now??...I am sure there will be those who will rejoice at the death of this man but I can not. While I have always thought the things that this man and his followers did/do terribly wrong and unloving I just can not rejoice over someone being lost for eternity. How sad and tragic for him to have professed to know so much of Gods Word and yet by his fruit never to have known JESUS... religion and head knowledge can be a deadly mix in the lives of men.

My prayer for those who may have followed this mans teachings, that they would wake up, see the truth, repent and turn to KING JESUS before its to late.

On another note how are you doing brother? How are things in your little corner of the world. I pray for you often Neil as I know your heart is heavy for the times and the lost...

God bless

 2014/3/20 16:23Profile


Are those your final words for him Neil? "Fred Phelps is dead"?

 2014/3/20 17:19



 2014/3/20 20:46

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 Re: Fred Phelps

I am a participant with my motorcycle in what is known as the Patriot Guard, a national volunteer organization originally formed in 2005 by a group of bikers who went to military funerals where Fred Phelps and his merry band of loons sought to vigorously insult the grieving families of fallen soldiers.

There were a number of semi-violent confrontations early on, and soon it was a real thrill to know the Phelps gang was going to be at a funeral- hundreds of bikers would show up to form a shield and use their exhaust rumble to drown out the famous "God hates fags!" chants the Westboro people used in their protests.

As time went on, the bikers realized that it was an honor just to be at these funerals, silently paying tribute to the men and women who had fallen in service to their country. As the organization became more visible, many families made requests that the Patriot Guard Riders show up, and they happily did, dressed in biker leathers and equipped with flags to hold as caskets were wheeled and carried to a final rest.

On rare occasions the Phelps protestors would show up, but it became apparent that what they were doing was attempting to lure the bikers into a videotaped assault that could be turned into either damages or settlement cash. We were all advised of this to make sure no hands touched any of the Westboro people. Hmmmpf! And he had the audacity to accuse Jerry Falwell of being a money-grubber!

I never saw any of these people, though I had hoped to see them at the funeral for the 19 firefighters who were lost in the Arizona Yarnell fire a while back. But that was just curiosity to see history in the making.

But where I am going with this, is that upon Fred Phelps' passing, a letter went out to the entire nation of Patriot Guard riders from the group's national president. In his note he acknowledged that the PGR was formed in a response to the outlandish protests, but that the riders attending these funerals and serving the grieving families were doing something we should have been doing all along anyway. He said we do not celebrate the man's death, and only hope that his grieving family be comforted and respected- with a hope that in his last hours Mr. Phelps found the peace that had eluded him for so long.

In a way, he thanked Fred Phelps for causing the birth of what is now a great organization of patriotic men and women who volunteer time to attend funerals honoring fallen military people. We will continue to do this whether there are protests or not!

Thanks to PGR President Robbie Smart, a real class act!

Tom Cameron

 2014/3/22 0:51Profile


I think that is great, Sidewalk. Going to these funerals and showing respect to his grieving family. We don't want to become like those who hate. We are to return evil with good. God's grace in Jesus Christ is redemptive and there are still many members of Phelp's brigade, including his family who need a real touch from God.

 2014/3/22 1:25

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good thoughts everyone

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