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There is a near-consensus that one of the pilots was involved, with most attention being given to Zaharie Ahmad Shah. He had a flight simulator in his house and was an “obsessive” supporter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. His family moved out of his house shortly before the disappearance of the plane.

U.S. Investigators Believe #MH370 Flew Another 4 Hours After Last Contact, SAY MAY HAVE BEEN STOLEN FOR FUTURE TERROR ATTACK

 2014/3/17 16:52

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so all the news stories are interesting but i was more wondering how is everyone praying for these people? are you still praying for the passengers, i was praying for the families only. my heart just breaks for these families not knowing what happened and where their loved ones are has to be painful.


 2014/3/17 17:01Profile


Yes, it has to be very painful. Like a kidnapping and then not knowing if they are still alive or not.

 2014/3/17 18:09

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I know it's a big world, but I still find it very hard to believe that with today's technology we can't locate something as large as a jet.


 2014/3/17 20:20Profile


A pilot friend of mine told me that real time tracking exists today, but apparently there are holes in the coverage and this pilot looks to have exploited a gap in coverage. This article explains it pretty well.

 2014/3/17 20:46

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