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Joined: 2005/2/16
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Cache Valley, Utah

 Worship List Needs Growing!


Over the last two years I have been compiling a large collection of worship songs, chords, lyrics and so forth for use as I lead worship wherever... I've got a lot of songs but I want to continue to add.

If you have any favorite songs, obscure ones, old ones, new ones, list them please! It would help me greatly! (You could even post links, that would be helpful)

Thanks SI,

Eli Brayley

 2005/4/8 8:36Profile

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Southampton, U.K.

 Re: Worship List Needs Growing!

Hey Eli!

I'm a worship leader too! Well, to be honest I just play keyboards and sing, I let the Holy Spirit lead 'cause I usually have me eyes closed! :-?

If you're looking for new material though I know an excellent place: [url=][/url]

Everything is copyright free, and is posted online with chordsheets, tabs, lyrics, music and mp3 samples. All stuff is written by worship leaders for worship leaders to use freely, and if you have written anything yourself you can post too.

I've posted a song that I wrote a year or so ago called [url=]Hail Jesus[/url] if you wanna listen. Anyway, it's a great place, and I highly recommend a visit to any worship leader looking for new material.

God bless,

John. :-D

John Dunning

 2005/4/8 17:30Profile

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i'm not a worship leader...however, i play guitar and love to worship the Lord :-)
here are some sites that may be of some use: (love this one)

hope this helps some. blessings!

in Christ,


 2005/4/9 23:27Profile

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