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 the "installed" President of a "baptist pastor"

brethren, we are being lied once again AND USED to give spiritual covering to a gaggle of neo Nazi's.

I saw this happen in 2002-2003, as "evangelicals" were USED by the "religious right", the military, and other worldly US power broker whip up the "church" to SUPPORT the invasion of Iraq, which history has NOW shown was not only a blood soaked sinful disaster, but birthed on a foundation of lies......and NOW, its happening again.

the "appointed President" of Ukraine is a "Baptist pastor", after the elected President of Ukraine was forced out by the Svoboda Party and "Right Sector" neo Nazi street thugs.......look at this:

the only reason I found this out, was because I was reading sister Lysa's link in Charisma Magazine about that Swedish apostate mega church pastor being seduced by the whore of rome, and converting to I saw "Ukraine" in the upper bar for Charisma's "news section"....and started to read, my heart breaking as I read:

Ukraine's Intercessors Standing in the Gap for Peace
(Courtesy of CBN)
"Ukraine's acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, a man of deep faith and prayer, is in the center of the storm in Ukraine, but he's not alone.

Turchynov is seeking an increase in the country's armed services as he has called on parliament to turn Ukraine's interior ministry troops into a national guard to defend the nation against aggression."

This man, Turchynow....oh, he's not alone, he has now thousands of neo Nazi street thugs, as well as President Obama, and every neo con....right with him.....all doing a dance to World War 3.

thanks to Charisma Magazine we can watch Oral Roberts president Billy Wilson lead the all too malleable and deluded students in prayer for Ukraine and lead them in a final shout of "Freedom!!!"

here's another Charisma article filled with OMISSION and just outright lies:

EXCLUSIVE: Acting President of Ukraine Speaks Out in First International Interview

"In the midst of ongoing turmoil that has enormous global significance, God is mightily at work in Ukraine, the nation’s acting president said Wednesday in an exclusive interview for Decision magazine.

“Stories of God’s hand abound,” Oleksandr Turchynov, a devout evangelical, said during a private meeting with BGEA Vice President of Crusades Viktor Hamm.

BGEA President Franklin Graham, who preached in Kiev in 2007, requested Hamm travel to Ukraine and meet with Turchynov because of Hamm’s deep ties to the country. Born in a Soviet labor camp, Hamm has led 15 crusades in Ukraine between 1994 and 2006 as a BGEA associate evangelist.

Turchynov has declined requests from internationally prominent news organizations but granted Decision magazine the interview that will appear in more detail in a special report on the Ukranian crisis in April’s edition.

Hamm also has met with some of the nation’s top evangelical leaders this week while in Kiev to show BGEA’s support. Decision traveled with him to cover the story that has gripped the world."

(let me skip ahead a little bit get to the bite....the part were these men conveniently forget about the street thug neo Nazi element that has the whole nation in its grip.)

Installed "president/pastor" goes on to say:

"Turchynov was named to his position on Feb. 23, two days after Yanukovych was found to have fled the country amid a massive uprising against his regime.

During three months of protests in which Yanukoych’s Berkut riot police beat and shot protesters, it appeared the many freedom fighters had little chance in a David vs. Goliath kind of confrontation. A fiery showdown ensued and hit its violent peak from Feb. 18-20, when Berkut snipers shot down and killed protesters. Nearly 90 have died in all.

Yanukovych, who fled on or around Feb. 21, is now charged with mass murder by authorities in his country.

Turchynov said only God could have delivered those who refused to be oppressed any longer. The acting president noted how, during the war-like events that took place during the confrontations at Maidan (the city square), huge clouds of smoke would drift toward the Berkut riot police and away from protestors, obstructing the view of the perpetrators. Turchynov said there was also a time when a grenade was thrown near him, but that only one fragment hit him on the cheek, causing no lasting injury.

“I see God’s hand in every little detail that took place as unarmed people went out to defend their freedom and the independence of their country against a fully armed professional army, many times bigger in size,” Turchynov said. “Their faith was victorious. God granted them victory.”

he's do I KNOW?.....NO MENTION of both Svoboda and "The Right Sector" being armed to the teeth.....those who burned Independence Square on 18-20 Feb?....those were trained up neo Nazi street thugs....and he knows it.

and to smatter "Charisma" magazine with LIES, just as the main stream press is? we can reinvigorate the "cold war", because the whole LIE of 'al queda' is falling apart, just as the whole economy is falling apart....we need a new enemy, we need a new war.....good for business, and what better salesmen that an amped up group of north American evangelicals?

but I guess I should not post, as I should just "submit to authority"....right?

first link,

and also more lies from the AoG head in Poland:

 2014/3/12 10:38

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 Re: the "installed" President of a "baptist pastor"

Greetings Neil

Thank you for sharing this, as one who has been praying for this situation I do believe it should be in our prayers. As you said things are transpiring very quickly and much is happening while most Americans do not even realize it.

I believe the enemy is behind all of this, the hate, the anger you see in the world today is increasing and now is the time we need to be in prayer. We need to be seeking Jesus for our leaders to see their need for Jesus and repent, we need to pray for the leaders of other countries as well. In all of this our heart should always be, LORD YOUR WILL BE DONE!

Thank you again

 2014/3/12 11:17Profile

 to Solomon

you indicated your brethren are near the border of Crimea.

these neo Nazi thugs in the Svoboda party and "The Right Sector", might be murderous demonic thugs, just as hitler was....but they are not stupid enough to operate anywhere within reach of Russian forces.

Russia, during World War Two bore the brunt of hitler's murderous fury, losing anywhere from 20 million people to 50 million, the numbers vary. We Jews lost 6 million to hitler's minions....and now "somebody" has loosed these neo Nazi's in Western Ukraine.....and they are the real power on the "streets" of the West Ukraine and Kiev.....and I hear NO MENTION of these murderous thugs in ANY American main stream press, but now I start to see articles from "evangelicals" in support of the "new" Ukrainian govt.

why is that?

 2014/3/12 11:20

 Re: the "installed" President of a "baptist pastor"

here's what a little bit more digging uncovers....its seems that Turchynow isn't a full time "pastor", but

" He is part of the 1% of Ukraine's population that identify as being Protestant. Although some in the media have reported that he is a pastor, the Associated Baptist Press and the European Baptist Federation report that he is an elder and occasional lay preacher at his Kiev church, the Word of Life Center, which is a member of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine".......

he also
"was born in Dnipropetrovsk. He graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute in 1986, after which he worked at Kryvorizhstal, a large Ukrainian steel producer. From 1987 to 1990, he served as head of the agitation and propaganda division of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Komsomol (Communist Youth League) Committee, which was led by Serhiy Tihipko.

not too bad for his American intel handlers, they did find one of the few in country "Baptists" to put a quasi "evangelical" face on this whole farce.

 2014/3/12 11:39

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America's Heartand


HezWelling -

I was the one who stated

you indicated your brethren are near the border of Crimea.

It was in the thread that Lysa started about Ulf Elkman.

However, yes we do have friends that are born again Christians there. One couple are pastors of a church in a local village maybe 50 miles from the border.

My wife is also friends with several believers in Kiev, Ukraine. One pastor, his wife, two wonderful worship leaders, and several other believers from churches in Kiev.

We have had several contacts with them since this all started in Ukraine. I certainly don't disagree that there are forms of organized crime mobs operating in Ukraine. There are and have been for years. However, that is not the issue. At least that is what our friends who live there are saying.

What they say is happening, and the issues arising from it, are very different from your take on it.

Again, I am not saying crime and corruption is not in Ukraine ... it certainly is ... and virtually everywhere on earth for that matter. However, the folks and issues you raised are not ones that the believers we know there believe are causing problems.

They disagree with your assessment of the players involved and why people chose to act as they have.

They have requested much prayer .... but most in the Western part of Ukraine will not go back under Russian rule. We know church leaders from there that were leading the underground church movement before the fall of the iron curtain. Even though Russia is generally open to Christianity at the moment the folks who lived under the heel of Communist persecution of believers are in no mind to go back to that if it can be avoided. You can imagine how a parent might feel if they thought a return to that possibly lay in store for their children.

The Russian invasion of Crimea is purely a military tactical move. They will not forfeit the Naval bases there or in any way risk their security. They must maintain those bases and access to them under Russian forces. It is their access to the Mediterranean Sea. Far to valuable in their mind to take any risks with so they moved militarily to secure them. We will see now what transpires. If there are no penalties for seizing the Crimea area then will Russia be emboldened to seize a few more chunks of land? Will the sides talk and basically let the nation split into a Russian faction and the other into an EU nation? We will soon see.

Regardless .... the believers there have requested prayer for wisdom for those in positions of authority and that God would raise peacemakers to confront the situations there. I am in agreement with that.


 2014/3/12 12:06Profile


There is a link to religion for many wars (Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Bosnian War, Iraq War, Ukraine, etc). You should explore the connection to religious bodies starting some of these wars while accelerating others. Of course, Satan is behind it all and his target is the Church.

Jihad is not just being waged by Muslims.

 2014/3/12 12:16

 annoint yourselves for burial

"Chairman Of Joint Chiefs: US Ready For "Military Response" In Ukraine"

 2014/3/12 12:33

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Hi Neil,

I am ignorant about this topic so could you please use more credible sources
other than ones like , zerohedge and etc.

It makes it difficult to discern between what is true and what is biasedly conspiracy theory

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Greetings Proudpapa

I had responded to your question for Neil with one of my own to you but felt the Holy Spirit urging me to with draw that question so I have edited this post. I think it may have been taken the wrong way and I did not want that.

God bless

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 Re: annoint yourselves for burial

Greetings Neil

I had read just the other day that there are those in congress that are calling for the president to taking on a stronger stand with Russia. I was surprised because it seemed as if they were advocating the use of military might as a means of intervention. This is all the more reason we need to be praying for our leaders to turn now to JESUS. We need to pray that they will see the folly of war. As always though not my will but HIS be done, this is my prayer today.

God bless

 2014/3/12 14:25Profile

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