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 The Anxious Inquirer by John Angell James


This very powerful exhoration by a congregationalist preacher is now available for a minimal amount. It was only available in a older used form for over $40 or more and now is again able to be obtained by the masses for great benifit. I highly recommend this volume and brother Edward from Kingsley Press has done an excellent job in reprinting this volume.

The Anxious Inquirer by John Angell James


Deep anxiety about salvation is the most reasonable thing in the world. As immortal spirits destined for eternal bliss or everlasting misery, no question is more important than “What must I do to be saved?” This book answers that question in classic fashion. The author skillfully guides the seeking soul to the one and only source of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. Biblical repentance and saving faith are clearly explained. The reader is also offered much practical advice on dealing with common mistakes, perplexities and discouragements encountered by those seeking salvation.
Although written primarily for those who have been awakened to their need of a Savior, The Anxious Inquirer can be read with profit by anyone, including those who have been churchgoers for many years, and especially those who are called upon to counsel people who are anxious about their soul’s salvation.
This book was tremendously popular in its day, going through six editions in its first year and selling over half a million copies overall. One of Mr. James’ biographers, John Campbell, declared that The Anxious Inquirer is immeasurably superior to Richard Baxter’s A Call to the Unconverted and Philip Doddridge’s Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul—both enduring classics in their own right.
This is a reprint of an early edition printed in London. Nothing has been done to “update” the author’s style or usage; however, punctuation has been updated, and capitalizations have been aligned to modern Christian publishers’ guidelines.
John Angell James (1785-1859) was an eloquent preacher and beloved pastor, a prolific writer, a passionate supporter of missons and an ardent abolitionist. He was an evangelical leader in Great Britain during the important period between the death of John Wesley and the advent of C. H. Spurgeon. James pastored Carrs Lane Congregational Church in Birmingham, England, for 55 years. His best known books are The Anxious Inquirer and An Earnest Ministry. He was also a founding member of The Evangelical Alliance and of the Congregational Union of England and Wales.

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