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 True Life Testimonies of Using Gardasil

At first I thought we should warn our dear unsaved friends about this, but then my wife told me that pediatricians are prescribing this to families. It is suppose to prevent cervical cancer (which is caused by HPV - human papillomavirus).

There is no reason you should feel pressured to get this for yourself (Mom) or your daughters. Many unsuspecting people are blindly trusting their pediatrician. Warn your saved and unsaved friends.

Watch the video:

A real shocker is that HHS owns the patent and is making millions (at least) on it.

More and more, people are becoming wary of vaccines in general. Many vaccines have a harmful delivery agent in them of either mercury or thimerasol.

My neighbor's 12 year old son was a very healthy young man when he was required to get a vaccine in order to play on the school's football team. A day after the shot he became very sick and eventually became completely retarded. He is 33 now, and has been living with his parents his whole life as he is incapable of taking care of himself.

 2014/3/5 0:38

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