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"An important message for Christian parents with children in the public schools. The aim of these atheistic schools is to deChristianize your children and lead them into a life of sin and enslavement to Satan. Parents who permit this to happen to their own children will suffer the consequences. Read this book and save the souls of your children." - Samuel Blumenfeld: Best Selling author of several books on education including: “NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education” and “Is Public Education Necessary”.

Savanna I have linked this last post of yours with the one you made previously to ask you a question.

This book you have posted from seems to be really difficult to make sense of for me at least. I whole heartily agree that the public school system or else the state system as here in the UK may not be the perfect place to foster a good attitude in kids generally speaking. Are all schools the same though? I mean telling parents that they will be held accountable for sending their kids to the public school system isn't likely to produce a good outcome I would have thought. I meet loads of believing parents who actually feel the complete opposite. Including Pastors who have produced real success and admirable outcomes in their children by that means. Home schooling is the right choice in my own view but where parents are concerned even that can go horribly wrong as well.

If this young lady Ashley had not been talking about the Lord at all so as to make such a startling contrast perhaps the author would have seen things differently. What do you think? I am not being factious in asking these things I am just a little surprised by the authors attitude. After all he was making his living from the public system at the time. Young people have bad days just like the rest of us and whilst I agree that a teacher ought not to fix the results of graduation isn't there a better way to approach a student who is failing? Her boasts about the holiday thing may not have even been true! It may have just been youthful talk and foolishness. Maybe she really did want to be right minded. Who knows! Perhaps the teacher in the post did know. But to call the school 'satan's preparatory academy' just seems counterproductive. Or have I missing something?

Lastly in what way do you think this story served to demonstrate an outcome?

She was the daughter of a local pastor from a Bible believing church; and her end was truly a tragic one.

You must know brother that teachers are very important people. Their jobs are so weighty and have such lasting consequences in the lives of young people. If they get it wrong it could prove decisive for years to come. It seems to me that getting it right, if that means simply applying a completely straight measure is relatively easy to do. Not for me perhaps I always want to find a way out of the inevitable loss which I see looming so I have to wrestle with my inclination to set another kind of wrong example. But for some at least it does seem easier to press a straight line regardless of the consequences. I would be more impressed with the man who felt grieved for this young lady and shared that he wept and prayed for her and sought her out in a spirit of mercy and understanding. After all the teacher is the only one who actually knows what the real consequence of failure in school really means. Am I right brother? The student may not get it at all. For the student failure may mean nothing more than a good telling off from Dad. If they understood that failure has as much to do with a lack truthfulness and honest hard work, then they wouldn't accept the fake pass. Right? Because that doesn't amount success or cover the consequences of being dishonest.

Maybe I am missing something here!

 2014/3/7 20:51

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Myself, I work for the Public School system here in Canada. I am not a teacher by any means, but do grounds work and carpentry; and, am also a contractor through them. This work was opened up to me by way of Providence; for never in a million years (so to speak) did I ever think that I would be working within a government run sector. Regardless, I am commanded and compelled within not to compromise my own beliefs, and "let my light so shine that they will see my good works and glorify God in that day." My positions are lawful. I have obtained favor (by the grace of God) for working hard, being honest, and sticking to my beliefs. Working in such an environment teaches me many things about myself as to how I respond to certain things (not just outwardly, but inwardly).... And how the Spirit instructs me to bridle my mouth at times, love those that despise and mock The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and grow in the grace of God (2Peter 1:5-8) daily, purifying myself even as He is pure, etc, etc.

It is a challenging environment to work in, and I Praise The Lord for the oppurtunities given me within the organization. The God of this world may have blinded many, but if not for the grace of God I would be blind as well; and it is a truth that I cannot take the splinter out of my brother's eye with gentleness when I have a beam in my own. I gather I could go live in a cave in the mountains, or go off to some distant country and preach the Gospel, and go against the promptings of the Spirit, but I cannot tell the wind in what direction it should take me... and behold, it has taken me where I am today. The Lord is abounding in mercy, and He wants His children to get involved in what is going on in their communties, to get out of their own homes (if He wills it), and get into the battle... And when I have, I see God move in ways I never would have saw if I was living as a hermit, or spending all my time at home and in a steeple-house.

Children are precious to the Lord, but so are the souls of men and women. My God give us grace to get our own lamps filled with oil, and not hid them under a table; and give us a Holy courage of faith in Him to get out into the world and let that light of Christ shine, whatever the cost may be, for light helps one to see more clearly. "For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself a servant unto all, that I might gain the more (1Cor 9:19, and verses 20 -27)", etc, etc. Canada and the US is sliding headlong into the abyss of doom morally and spiritually and has for years....Let your light so shine. If you want to be a voice for Truth, do not wait for people to come to you, nor murmur in the wilderness, but get out where the action is (when God calls you and leads you). The Lord is many wonderful things, and Praise God, He still is The Only Hope of the nations.


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