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Amen, Diane. I will be away for a few days (traveling), too. It is definitely worth exploring why we have a propensity to be dependent on men.

Our problem today is not so much legalism but rather authoritarianism. Legalistic teachings seem to come through authoritarian teachers. American evangelicals seem to have an infatuation with spiritual authority.

The Bible teaches Christ alone has spiritual authority over His people, and every believer in His kingdom is a priest unto God. Nobody else has "spiritual authority" over anybody else. Christ, in shepherding His people, dispenses spiritual gifts to enable us to serve one another, never to rule over one another.

 2014/3/7 9:20

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I am going to ask saints to end the discussion here about Bill Gothard and his ministry. We do not believe it is flawless in doctrine but there is much more right then wrong and I personally do not agree with much of the criticism apart from the allegations of sexual mis-conduct brought out recently.

We therefore want saints to pray for Bill Gothard and this ministry. We also want to not publically discuss and tear apart this ministry or man anymore. Also for those who have to know instead of guessing whether he is guilty or not I believe you should wait to hear officially from their ministry as they have said:


“The Board of Directors of the Institute in Basic Life Principles is doing a very prayerful, thorough, and Biblical review in regards to the assertions brought by various individuals and groups. After completion of the review the Board will respond at an appropriate time, and in a Biblical manner.

“Mr. Gothard is on administrative leave while the Board completes its review. He will not be involved in the operations of the ministry. The Board of Directors will be prayerfully appointing interim leadership.”


So this investigation is still pending by their board, they have emailed all of their families this also. I want all saints to consider here that 1000's of young people's walk with the Lord are at stake. Many have been deeply discouraged by these events and the enemy (Satan) is working greatly to un-do all the good God has done by organizations such as this and Vision Forum and others.

This free ebook speaks of the need for us to share the heart of the Lord towards those who are wrong in doctrine or life and I encourage saints who have participated in this thread to consider to read this booklet:

Contentiously Contending: A Word to Today’s Apologetics Emphasis
By Anton Bosch

We are locking this thread and ask that other threads not be open towards Bill Gothard and His ministry in the near future. There is enough links to accusative materials for people to consider if this ministry is not valid. And we know enough of the situation to pray adaquately for this ministry and Bill Gothard as a brother also.

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