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 The Rat Race .... who is winning?

Round and round and round we go
faster faster faster go go go!!! Busy as bees making all that money,
buying and selling on the latest and greatest.
We talk about the news that's ever-changing...
WOW! this and MAN! that
and we seldom even have time to rest.
Zip Zip Zip for a few short years then BOOM it's done!
The preacher preaches over a box and a few flowers.
Loved ones shed tears. Eventually they heal.

Then where are we? Heaven or hell ... believe it or not,
and what did we win in that rat race?
What can we show for 70 to 100 years of life on Earth?
Did we even attempt to meet the expectations of our Creator?
Think about it!

Michael Strickland

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 Re: The Rat Race .... who is winning?

The book of Ecclesiastes deals with this issue. I love this book for this very reason.

There are so many things in life that pull us, attract us to excel in, some very good, some excellent but in the end what did we accomplish? Did we fear God and keep his commandments? This is the whole duty of man. And how much competition is involved to accomplish this?

Love your post, Mike.

Sandra Miller

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Excellent poem brother. We need to think on these things. Life is a breath. Set your minds on things above (Col 3:1-3). We need to be storing up treasures in heaven.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2008/5/23
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Monroe, LA - USA


Thanks for the comments. These thoughts came rushing into my mind a few days ago. It was as if I could visualize the people of my neighborhood as tiny animals running around in different circles like wind-up toys that finally stop ... and it is over with.

The vanity of it all as Sister Ginnyrose pointed out from The book of Ecclesiastes hit me all at once. I wish that my neighbors could see these eternal realities but most of them are blinded by the god of this world.

At the same time I don't want to lose sight of the reality of the brevity of life on earth and the vanity of all that is under the sun. The only lasting things worthwhile are beyond the sun.

Michael Strickland

 2014/3/4 10:20Profile


This goes well with your poem.

The Dash Between
by Ron Tranmer©

I knelt there at the headstone
of one I love and cried.
Name, with dates of birth and death
were perfectly inscribed.

I pondered these two dates
and how little they both mean
when compared to the tiny dash
that lies there in between.

The dash serves as an emblem
of our time here on the earth,
and although small, it stands for all
our years of life, and worth.

And our worth will be determined
by how we live each day.
We can fill our dash with goodness,
or waste our life away.

To ourselves, as well as others,
let’s be honest, kind and true,
and every day, live the way
we know God wants us to.

May we look for opportunities
to do a worthy deed,
and reach out with compassion
to those who are in need.

For If our hearts are full of love
throughout our journey here,
we’ll be loved by all who knew us
and our memory they’ll hold dear.

And when we die, these memories
will bring grateful, loving tears,
to all whose lives were touched
by the dash between our years.

 2014/3/4 10:26

Joined: 2008/5/23
Posts: 611
Monroe, LA - USA


Thanks for sharing. This dash poem is a really good one. I may have heard or read it before, but thanks for sharing it.

So quickly life goes fleeting by ... and our eternal future depends on what is in that dash.

Thanks for sharing.

Michael Strickland

 2014/3/7 18:19Profile

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