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just-in wrote :/// we are about to see the dollar become completely worthless right before our eyes (if it isn’t already) and a new form of U.S. currency or world bank currency will likely take its place – right on schedule!///

Could that be what initiates the persecution that so many intune brothers seem to be warning us of ?

A refusal by a small remnant to make the transition to a implanted cashless society ?

"And ultimately, and we all know this, the mark of the beast will come, and you will not be able to buy or sell without it. Which means we will all come to poverty if not starvation. We need to change our mind about materilism ..." - Denny Kenaston

(Early Anabaptism) The Approaching Wave of Persecution

"What if tomorrow morning you got the daily newspaper and on the front page of the daily newspaper you saw these words written across there: "cashless society, all peoples have two months to make the transition to cashless society".
Oh, it would be presented so beautifuly , so nicely and so wonderfully and inviting to all of us:
'That its so much easer to deal with all the terrorist and all of those things, that if we just went with a cashless society, and you do not need a credit card anymore. And all you need to do is, get a little mark in your wrist in your hand and maybe one on your forehead and everything is going to be alright and you got to months to transist into this cashless society'." (to refuse that mark will be Gelassenheit) — Denny Kenaston

(Early Anabaptism) Gelassenheit—Complete Surrender

 2014/3/1 11:54Profile


Dear proudpapa,

Deception has been foisted upon all of us and you will be absolutely astounded at those godly men you highly respect that easily accept the mark of the beast.

I will post this link again, compliments of roadsign.

 2014/3/1 12:01


Excerpt from letter #2

The wicked Witch of the East is called Russia. The wicked Witch of the West is called China. Part of the trick is that the wizards want these witches to be feared, but they still help them to be big and strong. That's different from Oz who wanted the wicked witches to be destroyed so the people would be safe.

Both Russia and China are green and beautiful countries just like America, with all the good things needed to be happy. They each have their own games of Wizard going. Theirs is played almost exactly like ours. They think America is the wicked witch. Sometimes America is a wicked witch.

To play Wizards of America you must have glasses like the ones Oz gave to all his people. But they don't make everything look green like in the Emerald City. These glasses make everything in America seem to be very nice and good, with liberty and justice for all, just like in the pledge of allegiance. Making people say the pledge over and over again when they are children helps them to pretend everything is just fine when it isn't. The pledge of Allegiance is the first big trick grownups play on children.

Liberty means that as long as you don't hurt anyone, no one can tell you what to do. Justice means that if you do hurt someone you must make it right. You may even be punished. Liberty and justice means that as long as you're doing good and not evil, no one can tell you what to do, not even humbugs.

Of course you can't play Wizards of America and have liberty and justice, too. Wizards wouldn't be wizards if citizens didn't do as they were told. So part of the trick is to make everything look like liberty and justice in America, when it really is the same as all the other countries, like Russia and China.

Now you know some of the tricks grownups play on children and why they do it. Humbugs of America and humbugs of Russia and humbugs of all the other countries don't ever want to stop playing. For wizards it is a very exciting and fun game. And they get lots of money, too. But it is a very dangerous game and many people are hurt. Many are even killed.

Many of my friends were hurt and killed when we played wizards in a far away country called Viet Nam. I played captain, others played sergeant, major, general, and lots more. The people of that country are short and speak a funny language. They are very friendly. Many of them were hurt or killed, too. It makes me very sad when I think of what we did. Sometimes I can't help crying when I remember. That's one reason why I have quit playing. It is a very bad game. I hope you never start playing. Grownups who still play make-believe are sick and should see a doctor. Their minds are not well.

Next time, I'll tell you what I decided to do instead of playing Wizards of America. Maybe you will want to do it, too. Bye for now!

 2014/3/1 13:14

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