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Amen, twayneb the false church is also comprised of many in the "Protestant" camp. Religious Babylon, is not just the RCC, but religions all over the world, including protestant religions.

 2014/2/24 2:18

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I see many rejoicing over this unity in both sides. But one thing they do not understand that divisions are required, they are God intended. The apostle Paul writes to Corinthians about this.

1 cor 11:19-For there must also be factions among you, so that those who are approved may become [r]evident among you.

Similarly Apostle John did not try to unite those who went out from his Church. The apostles have always encouraged divisions.

The idea of having one unified Church that includes all denominations and doctrines is not the Apostle's vision. The unity that Pope speaks here is unscriptural, it is just a worldly unity that people who have some common grounds can unite.


 2014/2/24 6:36Profile

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