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 CHURCH STARTS AT HOME by David Wilkerson

We have seen in Scripture that God’s true Church is wherever believers minister to the Lord—and that ought to be happening in your home. The apostle Paul tells us of Priscilla and Aquila, “The church . . . is in their house” (Romans 16:5).

Many Christians come home to a blaring TV and give little, if any, time to ministering to Christ. They never pray. They never shut themselves into their secret closet to seek the Lord or intercede for their spouses and children. Yet they complain that they can’t find a church.

It does not matter if there is no husband or father in your home to act as priest. You may be a single mother, or a single man or woman. Yet no matter who you are, God says you are a royal priest and you are called to minister to Him.

You may say, “But I’ve already found the right church and I meet the Lord there every week. I hear godly preaching and I enter into wonderful worship. I’m satisfied with my church.”

I rejoice with you over that. But if you see church as being just your local fellowship, then you still have not found the true Church. The God-blessed, righteous Church starts where you live.

If you are not ministering to the Lord in your home, then most likely you are focused only on your own personal needs. And you will not find the right church until you go to your secret prayer chamber. You will find it by giving Jesus quality time—by serving His desire for communion with you!

When your home becomes a church, all your deepest needs will be met—not by human means, but supernaturally by your Father in heaven. Your children's needs will be met, as well, all because the Holy Spirit communes with you in the closet of prayer. Then you can go to any church, no matter how dead it may seem. Why? You do it so that you can connect with other hungry seekers there. He has hungry servants everywhere and He will supernaturally bring you to those who share your hunger to minister to the Lord.

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