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 America exports death to Ethiopia

“We are thirsty and they give us condoms! We are hungry and they offer us contraceptive pills! We are sick and they offer us the most modern techniques of abortion! We are naked and they lead us into the arms of sexual hedonism! We are imprisoned by poverty and they offer us sexual liberation! Silent tears roll down for Africa in a modern world that can neither see our pain nor hear our cry for help. We mourn deeply for the destructive seeds of sexual revolution which were sown last week in Addis Ababa.”

How tragic that America, once the exporter of progress and hope to Third World countries, is now the exporter of death.


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 Re: America exports death to Ethiopia

The American government is not the Church. The idolatry of American, or any other type, of nationalism is of the devil. Small scale enterprise loans are not the Church either, though it's not bad by any means. We should give and not expect anything back, freely we have received freely we should give. Interestingly, I met a missionary who served in Ethiopia during the communist era. At that time the Church came under intense persecution and the nominal believes fell away. God was gracious and through suffering, the witness was renewed and the Church grew. When Communism fell in the 1990's, the nominal Christians 'returned.' Do you think God knows who bent the knee to Baal? Do you think God will not know who will bend now?

I read the article and bears some reference to the Noble Savage rhetoric that was popular in bygone days. Presented next to the passage from Revelations about every tribe, tongue and language worshipping around Throne, this language of a Noble Savage Shows it's source as being of man. Look at the method by which the Pro-Life group is training the people. They are using images of the murder of children. Aren't we told to be ignorant of that which is evil but wise of the truth? Is not God in all places? Can not His Spirit bear witness to the Truth in those who believe, teaching them all things? I think about how the people in the book of Hebrews are chastised for still living on milk rather than meat. Anyone who has read the Prophets knows that ripping children from a pregnant woman's womb is sign of severe judgement but, perhaps, you don't know because staying in the familiar NT is more comfortable. The World is just as much in Ethiopia as New York City, we change from glory to glory when we look upon Jesus, our Head.

This is an interesting quote from another article from the same newspaper:

Yes, the problem is “all this volunteering and charitable giving.” These homeless folks ought to be working, he told his son. But, he lectured, they’re not, “because someone is feeding, clothing, and in effect, bathing them.” Golly, Andy, I recall that Jesus said something about our Godly duty to feed and clothe the needy – and even to wash the feet of the poor.
But apparently, Jesus just didn’t grasp the essence of true morality. Blessed are the Rich, is Kessler’s spiritual mantra. “Where does money come from… to help the unfortunate,” he asked? And yea, I say unto thee, the Holy Hedge-Funder answered his own deep question: It comes from “someone [who] worked productively and created wealth.” Thus, he sagely concluded, the answer to poverty, to truly helping the poor, is not to pamper the takers, but to provide more tax breaks for the makers of wealth (like him) – the ones who produce “good old-fashioned economic growth.”

Source: Blessed are the rich: A final solution for poverty
Jim Hightower

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 Re: America exports death to Ethiopia

This is appalling . What rich Americans like Bill Gates are doing promoting , funding and even in some cases forcing abortion on the people in Ethiopia is just too horrible for words .Its a perversion and an abomination of the most ghastly character .Its time ordinary Christians wake up and be repulsed by the horrors of the sins perpetrated by the godless elite. Lest the Lord consumes us in his wrath Christians must begin immediately to weep and mourn to the Almighty for mercy and pardon . We must call for a year of concerted prayers against this abomination . Pray for the Lord to open the eyes of mankind to the full gory horrors of murders of the helpless innocents.. Pray for the Lord to expropriate , dispossess, disrupt the wealth and financial resources of those who promote this sin. . Organise roadshows against those who fund abortion in any way . Begin a boycott of their products. Show to the world we are God's people and that such murderous evils under any guise will not be tolerated. Murder of any character is a curse and carry in its wake disastrous consequences for mankind.. The blood of the innocent will cry to the Lord against us if we failed to act against the perpetrators ..

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