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 NE Senator: Relgious Organizations 'PAY YOUR TAXES'

Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers’ new bill aimed at eliminating state property tax exemptions for religious organizations is set for review by the Legislature's Revenue Committee Friday.

Bill LB675, which was introduced by the openly atheist lawmaker on Jan. 8, attempts to “gain more revenue, rather than less, by taking away churches’ property tax exemptions,” according to Chambers’ Statement of Intent.
Although the measure will most likely be killed in committee, Chambers argued in the statement: ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: NE Senator: Relgious Organizations 'PAY YOUR TAXES'

In this, we've seen the future. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the church in the next few decades.

I'm not a real estate agent or economist by trade, but I think this will impact the smaller and oldest churches first, especially small churches who live in areas that have experienced something of a real estate boom, and now sit on prized and valuable land as the town around them has become developed. Many of these churches already operate on a shoe-string budget, and simply could not afford to start paying property taxes.

Many will be forced to meet at alternative locations. Many will probably crowd into local public school auditoriums. Although, in many areas, the local public schools are already relatively full, as this is a favorite place for many to try and plant a church at.

I see this as ultimately increasing the size of many larger churches, who can better financially weather such storms. But many of them also own prime real estate, which will put a huge financial pinch on some of these congregations. Such will probably force many larger churches to meet in locations that are in "cheaper" parts of town that are less affluent, i.e. on the other side of the tracks.

Jimmy H

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The Early Church did not have that problem and the thousands of house churches that dot the landscape today should be immune to it, too.

 2014/1/27 9:58

 Re: NE Senator: Relgious Organizations 'PAY YOUR TAXES'

someday this doomed unfortunate will be confronted with the reality that hell is a million degrees hot.

such thought gives me no joy nor comfort, for the Son of Man came to SAVE, not destroy.

 2014/1/27 17:49

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