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 Democrat: Investigate every homeschool parent

A Democratic state senator in Ohio has proposed a law that would require every homeschooling parent to be investigated and approved by social services agencies before they would be allowed to teach their own children.
The Home School Legal Defense Association calls the bill sponsored by Sen. Capri Cafaro the “worst-ever homeschool law proposed.”

“SB 248 is breathtakingly onerous in its scope,” says a report by Michael Donnelly, an attorney with the world’s premiere homeschool advocacy organization. “It requires all parents who homeschool to undergo a social services investigation, which would ultimately determine if homeschooling would be permitted.”

Under the proposed law, social workers would interview parents and children separately, conduct background checks and determine whether or not homeschooling is recommended. ...

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 Re: Democrat: Investigate every homeschool parent

It was interesting when there were more republicans in office and the plaintive cry of various left leaning groups was that republicans wanted to invade your bedroom and control whatever it was you did in there. Not that I recall any real republicans advocating anything remotely like that, but look what the democrats want to control!

Your bedroom of course, better not be any monogamous patriarchal rape going on in there- (a married man and wife) just all other kinds of sexual diversity. But it sure doesn't stop there. No lead paint, no landscaping that requires water, safety helmets for all the children, no toys that might be construed as weapons, no Boy Scouts unless the leaders are NAMBLA approved, toilets that only use 32 ounces of water per flush, on and on.

We are condemned by these people as too stupid to make our own decisions, and by force of law they will make those decisions for us. Frankly I am surprised that it has taken this long to crush the home-school families' freedom to choose their own curriculums. Never mind that home schooled children excel in most academic venues, and many like my daughter have gone on to complete college with high honors... and often with their moral compasses still functioning!

Ohio- are you paying attention?

Tom Cameron

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And what about public school kids that are abused by their parents? What about public school teachers that abuse their students? Two can play this game but its not a game. I think every public school teacher should be investigated (interview their students and neighbors and do a background check) to see if they are fit to teach. Every public school parent should be investigated to see if they are abusing their kids.

Do you see how ludicrous it is to single out an entire community just because a child was abused? They are implying that kids are "safe" if they are in public schools.

They are just afraid of homeschoolers since they are testing out in the 80+ percentile nationwide and more importantly, being raised with godly influence. They want to tarnish the influence and shipwreck as many as they can.

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It looks like Senator Capri has withdrawn her bill today, because of public protest.


Mike Compton

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