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 Pray for Doug Phillips and Vision Forum Ministries

Please pray for Vision Forum Ministries, Doug Phillips and his family. This christian leader has impacted many lives in the homeschool christian community at large.

Doug R

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 Re: Pray for Doug Phillips and Vision Forum Ministries


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 Re: Pray for Doug Phillips and Vision Forum Ministries

Read about this a few weeks ago.


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Anything in particular you want us to pray about?

 2013/12/13 8:26

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The homeschool community... DP, his wife, his children, the staff at VF ministry who worked closely with him and whatever the Lord leads you to pray in addition to this start.

Doug R

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Ok, I just came up to speed on what he did. It's all over the Internet. Just read his resignation letter, he has pretty much lost everything. Even though I disagreed with his unbiblical view of Patriarchy teachings, I never expected this and will pray for him and his family and all the people that were hurt and damaged by him.

 2013/12/13 9:03

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May we all take serious heed to these piercing words directly from this repentant man:

"I thought too highly of myself and behaved without proper accountability"

When Saul was little in his own eyes, the Lord was with him, and Uzziah was marvelously helped...until he became strong. We must think lowly of ourselves, be poor in Spirit, and consider others as better than ourselves (Philippians 2)...Lucifer has been in the business of taking men and women from exaltation to ruin for thousands of years.

Lord make us to be humble, transparent and deeply accountable to others in Christ.

Brother Kevin

 2013/12/13 11:20Profile

 The Road of Humility

It is heartwarming to see all the good that God is bringing to light in the Doug Phillips situation. Obviously, many prayers are being answered. I can understand now why the Lord allowed Mr. Phillip's works to be exposed. Of course, God is not one to cover things up. He cares for Doug, also.

And yes, there are a lot of broken lives over this but what many people are finding out just may bring real healing and Biblical understanding to their marriages and their families.

 2013/12/14 10:54

 Re: Pray for Doug Phillips and Vision Forum Ministries

I thought, "yes"...let me pray...but first I thought it wise to ascertain the whole situation.

Bless God I did.....because I stumbled upon a whole vipers den of "spiritual abuse"......detailed in many many more grievous occurrences than this particular situation.

i'm in earnest...out THERE...on the web, are a plethora of hurt, abused saints, who have actually taken to posting their travails at the hands of ecclesiastical leaders..."pastors" and the like.

Doug, i'm not being, my brother, no....i'm just heart broken at the many who have been stumbled, or God forbid, even had their faith, shipwrecked, because of such men.

its THOSE "helpless and harassed" I pray for...I also thank God with all my soul, that the human vessel of Jesus, my mentor, God led me to, is a dear, sweet God fearing honorable man.

I've said enough.

 2013/12/15 18:02


Yes, Neil. There are "Christian" cults as bad as Islam in the way that they treat the women in their family and the church. I think that is probably the type of spiritual abuse that you have come across. And just like in Islam there is a big problem of pornography and lust in Christendom and the tactics that men are taking to deal with their lust is putting clamps (legalism) on Christian women rather than dealing with their own sin.

This is probably one of the top 3 major problems in Christendom that few are talking about as evidenced on SI for instance. Very little talk about how pornography is ruining churches, marriages and families. Overly controlling and patriarchal men are being exposed having very severe personal problems. Steve Gallagher is often quoted by Greg and is one brother who is out there talking about these issues. And there is a plethora of web sites that are talking about them, too.

It is unfair to blame women but these cults believe that Eve is responsible for sin in the world and that is why they treat Christian women the way they do.

There has not been enough said and these issues need to be talked about and not hidden or swept under the carpet.

 2013/12/16 1:45

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