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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Prayers and sustenance for one of our "own"

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 Prayers and sustenance for one of our "own"

Dear saints of SI.

A dear brother of ours who has been away from here for awhile now due to various circumstances and difficulties that I could attest to in a brief conversation... needs our help and I pray that the following might be taken in the light of intention that is warranted.

Briefly, our friend runs a newsletter that is worthy of attention in that it brings the world to your doorstep in a way that you would not find in many places. This is a grand effort in itself that one could not be consumed of a daily knowledge of what is happening to our brethren around the world along with a sense of their surrounding's and governments and day to day living. It is a mind stretching and heart enlarging experience, not to mention a challenge to our prayer lives.

Here is an old link for more information:

[url=]Intercessors Network[/url]

For those a bit newer here, our brother Lars who goes by the member name Iwpray and a glance at the counter on the bottom left hand side would give indication of the many postings here.

Received the following this morning and an excerpt is what I am hoping to draw attention to and ask for your help in:

Pray for a new Computer system
Call number two. . .

Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We have not been able to uphold a proper standard regarding the news flow from Intercessors Network since last autumn due to the diminishing reliability of our computers. We are not even sure it will be possible to maintain the present level of information as the situation seems to deteriorate.

Please, pray with us and read on. . .
Some of you may get this letter among the very first items sent from the Network. Please, be patient with us as we are not generally into asking for money.

Some of you have already been able to assist. For that we are very thankful.

When we launched our first issue of a small news letter under the general heading “Intercessors Network” in the latter part of the 1980’s, containing small notes on our prayer journeys and undertakings in reaching out to certain men in authority – a king in Swaziland and prison managers in the Russian Gulag archipelago, to point out one or two situations – we could hardly believe that some fifteen years later this Network would involve churches and prayer units in well over 100 nations.

I am not at all satisfied with the reporting, even to this day. I would like to be able to get much closer to the hearts of leaders. Not many write well and readable in this area of reporting. Far too few have been able to look behind official statements and the meagre biographies of these men and women. This is a grand prayer issue in itself.

But, dear friends, this letter has another aim, one of practical concern. The digitalised part of this prayer operation began when dear friends gave me a computer. . . I had never used one. Soon enough I realised the applications and possibilities. Then, a few years later I had to ask for another machine – updated versions of software and reliable hardware systems – and prayers were soon answered. We have been running this newer system for about three years now.
We have come to a point when a thorough updating of the equipment has to take place. I must ask you all, dear friends, to pray for this technical as well as financial undertaking. Some of you know that Intercessors Network is not constituted as an organisation. The network model has many advantages in the field of spiritual issues, especially when it comes to prayer. The disadvantages will be found at times in the financial realm. I must therefore speak to you person to person about this practical need.

A new computer system would require some 3000 US dollars, or 1500 British pounds, or just over 2000 Euro.

Now, this is first of all a plea for prayer.
If you are led to take action, we will all benefit from it. The process of prayer in this area where we have taken some responsibility and in which we are committed to continue as long as we possibly can according to grace and human strength, this process will by your help go on.
At this point some 10% of the total need is covered. . .

If you are led to take action, these practical annotations may be useful:

A short note on the matter of donations…
Intercessors Network is not a registered organisation. We keep it this way for the sake of the liberty such a position provides, first of all spiritually. The position taken generates certain minor disadvantages, mainly in the realm of interaction with institutions of various categories.

Stopped short here hoping that two things might come about. One that I didn't want to plaster all his info out here and secondly that by referencing the link above that those who are willing might not only write to Lars to be added to this newsletter but that we could as a whole make this a very simple matter of getting our brother a new computer for this work that he does for the Body.

Elsewhere here there was a thread that got started on his whereabouts and due to some unfortunate circumstances, some mis-understanding* I believe things got misconstrued and as I had suspected there was much more going on behind the scene's personally. In that thread we had talked about much of the love we have for this brother and now we have opportunity to prove it.

Might we shock and awe him?

Thanks folks.

(Edit* Had "mis-intent", meant more misunderstanding of intent, hence the correction)

Mike Balog

 2005/3/31 9:35Profile

 Re: Prayers and sustenance for one of our "own"


Who and where do monies go to, if one desires to donate?


 2005/3/31 10:26

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If you click on the link that Mike has provided in his post it will bring you to a thread were the e-mail address for Intercessors Network can be found. You can then contact Lars directly by e-mail for info on where to send a donation if you would like to assist that ministry. I'm sure he would appreciate it very much.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2005/3/31 13:57Profile

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