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 Jesus Love People Through Me by Carter Conlon

Jesus Love People Through Me by Carter Conlon Simulcast 2011

Topic: Conference
Description: Must hear, again and again…

EDIT: I apologized for mischaracterizing the reaction of those at the 2011 conference but upon further investigation, I found this thread from that time with reactions. Some of the missing people include JESUSisGOD and Blaine who were core ministers here on SI.

What happened as a response to this word from the Throne? Did your heart move and did you cry out for a heart of love and mercy for your neighbor? I know that God had been working on me in that area beginning with messages by Jackie Pullinger. I have not arrived but I have witnessed similar shifts and experienced strippings like Brother Carter mentions such as the burning down of his house. Are you passionate about house church meetings and being prepared for persecution or is your life in truly in Christ Jesus so that every breath and every thought is from Him?

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