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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : What does it nean to make disciples of all nations?

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 What does it nean to make disciples of all nations?

What does it nean to make disciples of all nations?

 2013/11/18 21:56

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 Re: What dies it nean to make discipkes of all nations?

To me, to make disciples is like the saying, "teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." So many churches are giving men fish thereby making the people dependent on the pastor and the church.

We need to seek to get our own answers and trust our own Holy Spirit. IMHO!

God bless,


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 Re: All nations

While the term "racism" is a more recent card that people play, cultures have hated one another from the beginning for the most minor of reasons and differences.

When Jesus gave this particular command He essentially said all men are beloved by God, sharing in the curses of sin and death, capable of repentance and faith, and destined to share in the eternal connection of the Body of Christ.

Get past your personal prejudices, and consider no man beneath or beyond the call of the gospel.

Tom Cameron

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