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Having public school employees come to a Christian School creates a lot of difficulties. Most jurisdictions interpret this as the Christian School accepting state funds, so it is seldom practice.

Some states have provision for non-public-school-students having access to some of the specialized services.

Also, I shouldn't have implied that Christian Schools are the best for special needs children.

Adam Christiansen

 2005/3/31 23:47Profile


Christian schools are leary of accepting funding and help from public schools because you can never receive anything from the government without strings attached. Thats why a lot of Christian charities will not get involved with President Bush's "faith based" initiatives. His motivation was good, but it spells trouble for most believers because if the government is involved, the government will dictate what you can and cant do. Such as evangelize.

The church doesnt need the government's involvement to fulfill what God has already commanded us to do.

The church just needs to spend less $$ on fancy temples made of wood and stone, and spend more on charity work.


 2005/4/1 7:59

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