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 Learning In Private What to Teach In The Public

"What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light; and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops" (Matthew 10:27)

Usefulness is the great desire of our souls if we are disciples of Jesus.

We must not run until we are prepared. This verse describes, and by implication promises, the needful preparation of heart.

An Invaluable Privilege

We are permitted to realize our Lord's presence with us personally.

We are enabled to feel His Word as spoken to us.
Immediately: "I" tell "you." Personal contact
Forcefully: "in the ear"

We are privileged to receive such communications again and again.

We need for a thousand reasons this private tuition, this personal communication with our Commander-in-chief.

When Alexander the Great marched through Persia, his way was stopped with ice and snow, insomuch that his soldiers, being tired out with hard marches, were discouraged, and would have gone no further, which he perceiving, dismounted his horse, and went on foot through the midst of them all, making himself a way with a pickaxe, whereat they all being ashamed, first his friends, then the captains of his army, and, last of all, the common soldiers followed him.

So should all men follow Christ their Saviour, by that rough and unpleasant way of the cross that he hath traversed before them. He having drunk unto them in the cup of His passion, they are to pledge Him when occasion is offered; He having left them an example of suffering, they are to follow Him in the self-same steps of sorrow. - John Spencer

The cross is easier to him who takes it up than to him who drags it along. - J. E. Vaux

We are bid to "take", not to make our cross. God in His providence will provide one for us. And we are bid to "take it up"; we hear nothing of laying it down. Our troubles and our lives live and die together. - W. Gurnall

Christ's cross is the sweetest burden that ever I bore; it is such a burden as wings are to a bird, or sails to a ship, to carry me forward to my harbor. - Samuel Rutherford.

Whatever the path is, Christ is there, and to be with Him is joy enough for any creature, whether man or angel. He does not send us to walk in a dreary, desolate road. He does not say "Go ye," pointing to a lonely way in which He is not to be found; He says, "Come after Me," so that we need not take a single step where His footprints cannot be seen, and where His presence may not still be found.

If the sharp flints cut our feet, they have wounded His before. If the darkness gathers thickly here and there, it was a denser gloom that surrounded Him. If ofttimes we must stand and fight, it was through fiercer conflicts that He passed. If the cross is heavy to our shoulder, it is light when compared with the one He bore. "Christ leads me," said Baxter, "through no darker room than He went through before." If the road were a thousand times rougher than it is, it would be well worth while to walk in it for the sake of walking with Christ there. Following Jesus means fellowship with Jesus and the joy of that fellowship cannot be told.

When Christ gives us the cross to carry He crys, "Halves, My love!" - Anon.

Above excerpt from "Spurgeon's Sermon Notes"

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