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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : My daughter has demonic spirits in her: She needs casting out of those spirits:

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by used4him on 2013/11/8 9:35:44

Hi Lee,

Instead of my email, better yet to access some good websites on deliverance. You can check out Derek Prince, and also Neil Anderson. They have both written books on the subject. Personally, I would not want to command a spirit out of someone who is a nonbeliever in Christ. So if your daughter has not made that confession, then don't bother. If she is a Christian, but has not been water baptised, I would recommend that. Many people get delivered that way. Also, once someone goes through deliverance, they must stay close to the Lord and get filled with the Holy Spirit.

The baptism part of this post intrigues me. I am interested to know more about that part but you can send me an email. I don't want to hijack this thread UNLESS you want to make a new post on it.

[email protected]


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I was delivered from demons and though I had sought out a person to pray for me I found none. Instead, my deliverance came about after I had earnestly sought the Lord because I had been so tormented.
I know that there is a specific ministry for this, and that every believer is given the authority over satan through Christ but since my experience was just me and God alone, I can only comfort you in this way.
My freedom came as I learned more of the character of God and the redemption work of Christ.
I encourage you to not fear and feel like you have to run here and there to find help, but be strengthened yourself in these areas while praying all the time. God will take care of the details.

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 Re: My daughter has demonic spirits in her: She needs casting out of those spirits:

There is a ministry that can guide you on what to do. Dr. Jim Logan ministers to these issues exactly, at no charge. His phone number is 712-277-4760. You can leave a message and he will return your call. He is a wonderful man who loves God and loves people.

His website is

He has a lot of resources on his website, including an entire seminar series on spiritual warfare.

God bless you sister. May the LORD strengthen you and fill you with the love of His Son. We will pray for you.


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Romanchog- Good thinking. I have listened to some of his series and agree,they are very well grounded.

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If your daughter is not a believer then I would not attempt deliverance. If she has been messing with street drugs while her body biochemistry is messed up, they will have a terrible effect on her.

Her best bet would be to go to a drying out facility and to get her mental condition stabilised with medications before trying to find someone to help her with non drug means. It is very likely that she has inherited genes which make her neurotransmitters malfunction and she can get a gene test from 23and me lab for 99 dollars and then find help to overcome her problems with epigenetics using specific nutrients to balance out her system and bring healing to her mind. Many mentally ill people find help this way proving that demons get too much blame. If she has not been mixing with satanists etc then her problem is more likely due to her neurotransmitters.

 2013/11/10 4:40

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Thank you all for your prayers. My daughter is still struggling but has improved over the last few days. Thank you for the websites referrals. I am now currently viewing the set now. I thank you all for your support. This has been a very difficult time for my daughter and me. I am praying as well and studying. I will keep you all updated.

God bless you all,

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I agree, Jim Logan is a good source. Too bad there are so few men of God in this ministry, all the disciples did this, and probably all the followers of Jesus learned this in the early church.

To Deadn: I did send an email just now to you regarding your question.

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