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 pentacostals may want to listen to this

I thought I might post this just in case some pentacostals may have a slightly distorted view of john Macarthur ,,,,,,in this clip he speaks in a positive way regarding that denomination ,, I only post this due to the fact in my life that I don't like to see division


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 Re: pentacostals may want to listen to this

I believe that perhaps some of them (Charismatics and Pentecostals) are Christians. The Lord knows how many, but it is my own conviction, that the vast majority are not.

What is going to be history's verdict on the effect of the Pentecostal Movement, is that the Pentecostal Movement caused the Church to become disinterested in sound doctrine. And that ultimately, is the greatest impact, and that's Spiritual AIDS--the Church no longer has a functioning immune system to recognize deadly error. - John MacArthur

Do you see that? MacArthur states, (and has many more times in more forceful words) that he believes the vast majority of Charismatic and Pentecostal believers are not even really born again! How further asserts that they have given the real church , "Spiritual AIDS"!

Hmmm .... David Wilkerson, Paris Reidhead (You know... The Reidhead of Ten Sheckels And A Shirt) , Leonard Ravenhill , Steve Hill, David Ravenhill, on and on and on....spreaders of "Spiritual AIDS". REALLY?!?!?!

There are no doubt also scam artists in the Charismatic/Pentecostal groups as surely as there also are in the Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Reformed, etc. groups.

MacArthur believes Pentecostal/Charismatic ministers were and are leaders of a viral infection in the Body of Christ. Spreaders of "Spiritual AIDS" in his words.

The problem clearly is not "Strange Fire". The problem is more along the lines of MacArthur having no fire. That is the real problem.

MacArthur has consistently refused to debate or discuss the issue with respected author Michael Brown although Brown has asked him on many occasions both before and after this "conference". I am always leery of the guy who doesn't want his ideas discussed but simply wants you to swallow them and obey.

The body of Christ has wounds and gouges in it today that were not placed there by Roman soldiers. They have been inflicted by those who claim to speak for Him. -

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 Re: The magnificent and mysterious Body of Christ

Having at one time in my life heard from God that I was essentially more of a Pharisee than a disciple, I do understand how this stuff sneaks in and disarms the power of God. Phariseeism never goes away.

What a shame to have to engage in this conversation. How much more useful it would be to encourage one another to get the gifts, use them to win the lost, expand the kingdom, bless the Father's aching heart!

As I read Solomon101's posting to my wife, she made the comment that (MacArthur) sounded like the way modern government officials denigrate both Christianity and the TEA party. Some people see themselves above the fray, worthy of that place at the right hand of power.

On the other hand, men who rise to national prominence in ministry are forced to endure daily criticism and even death threats. For a time my wife and I attended a big church here in San Diego where the pastor (Baptist- friend of MacArthur) also has an international ministry and reputation. When he enters the sanctuary for services, he is accompanied by what appears to me to be an armed guard who is never more than a couple steps away.

Not anything I can relate to, I like to engage my pastor with some level of conversation and intimacy in the Spirit. These guys stay insulated from such unwashed nut-jobs as I am...

This weekend I will be a camp counsellor up in the hills with about 75 handicapped adults. I fully expect to get my hands dirty with toileting issues, vomit, confusion and runaway emotional outbursts. I will need all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit He can spare!

Because their precious souls are so worth it! God will be doing things that nationally prominent clergy persons will never know about. And that's OK.

Tom Cameron

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