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 Sharing gospel

Believers, I normally use a logical method of Sharing the gospel in which I put different arguments to prove that god's will is different from our will. We have all fallen from his divine purpose. It will be more of logical arguments where I normally use their profession to place my arguments like to a teacher I tell them that god is a teacher evaluating our life which is like answer sheets before him. He will not evaluate by comparing our answers with one another but he will compare our answer with the standard answer. Jesus came to earth and wrote the perfect answer enduring all the struggles and temptations that we face. Then I explain the forgiveness for our wrong answers, and Holy Spirit to enable us to write the correct answer going forward.

I also share the gospel in a simple format like just tell them the truth plainly, we are all sinners and god himself came to earth to die for our sins. No arguments, just presenting the truth plainly.

I want to know whether anyone else use this logical arguments like how I use, did they find it fruitful? Though I end up winning the argument providing all the answers, listeners do not accept gospel just because their arguments got defeated.


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