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 The growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria

Pretty sure most of you are aware of this growing problem but just thought I'd share a video I saw recently with you all regarding this growing issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria and how we are slowly going back to a time when a small cut could literally kill you or cause you to get a limb amputated. It really made me realize how many things we take for granted and also how quickly our "way of life' in regards to our comforts and leisure here in the west is slowly beginning to slip through our fingers. With all that is going on in the world today; wars and rumors of wars, changing weather patters, massive animal die-offs, imminent nuclear disaster, growing threat of disease, droughts, etc, etc, etc, I cannot see how much longer we can go on...I feel that we are at the very tip of a breaking point that will forever change the world in which we live and have known for several centuries...O Lord, give us more grace, that we may stand whatever test or trial may come...

Here the link to the video for those that are interested in the issue of bacterial resistance:


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