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 Pastor Drinks Beer in the Name of Jesus at Bar-Based Bible Study

In between a sip or two of beer, a group of men delved deeper into the Bible at a bar off Route 67 in Oxford, Conn. last week, the Associated Press reports. The story goes on to paint a picture of men digging deeper for a better understanding of themselves and a better relationship with God.

Is that biblical? The Rev. John Donnelly of Christ Church Quaker Farms thinks so. The way he sees it, a lot of men won’t go to Bible study in church—but they might be willing to listen to Jesus with a cold brewsky in hand.
That’s why he launched a group called Beer, Bible and Brotherhood. The first meeting drew 10 men who downed beer while contemplating Bible verses, the AP reports. He's hoping to build the group of suds-sipping seekers to 50. ...


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 Re: Pastor Drinks Beer in the Name of Jesus at Bar-Based Bible Study

Kind of depends on where you are. In some places, as in the Bible Belt, the cultural norm couldn't get past the alcohol in the beer, and any effort to seek God in this way would be brutally overshadowed by the disdain for alcoholic beverages.

You might try a Bible Study with a bunch of committed vegetarian whole grain green tea types, and the box of Krispy Kremes you brought would wipe out the ministry too.

You can always offend somebody with something- just have to find out what the locals think is spiritual and push their envelope. Maybe better to just eat or drink what is served with gratitude, food fights are fun but of little value in winning the lost.

Tom Cameron

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 Re: Pastor Drinks Beer in the Name of Jesus at Bar-Based Bible Study

Signs of the times! What happened to MBI? Can't believe it. Will it be ok next to hang out at a house of prostitution, with a Bible in one hand and a mistress in the other? Sad. The Bible says He came to save us from our sins!


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Yikes! Don't give these guys any ideas!!

Tom Cameron

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Some will reason this is being all things to all men. But where does separation from the world come in ?


 2013/10/14 6:08

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 Re: Pastor Drinks Beer in the Name of Jesus at Bar-Based Bible Study

Very difficult for me to comment on this - let's just say this, "...they never were of us."

Jeremy B Strang

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 Re: Pastor Drinks Beer in the Name of Jesus at Bar-Based Bible Study

Can anyone say 'Sermonindex linkbait!'

Zeke Oosthuis

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I am not very wise, but I think everyone missed the forest for the trees, here. The issue is not alcohol. So let's not distract from what is really going on here by debating whether or not a Christian can drink.

Seeker-friendliness. Is THAT Biblical? Should the church be creating programs in order to minister to those who are seeking, curious, or confused? Should preachers be tagging a word or two about salvation in Jesus to the end of their sermons for those who are want to know a little more? Should Christians be leaving little notes/tracts here and there in hopes that someone will read it and make a decision for Jesus?

My answer is no. I am not against witnessing to people or encouraging people or teaching those who want to know more. I am against the methods by which we do it. The truth is, I feel that programs like this are just attempts to placate men's seared consciences that judge them day-to-day because they do not make the Gospel explicitly known. Rather than tell men the truth, we are satisfied to give men what their itching ears want to hear in an effort to soften the blow of the Gospel.

We have replaced the truth with a lie in hopes that the truth will seem less harsh.

I feel the real issue is that we are attempting to replace the true proclamation of the Gospel with something more palatable. It's funny though--the things that make it easier for men to bear the "truth" in the flesh are really just poison for their souls.

Lastly, I have been a part of things similar to this. I have never once seen it turn into ANYTHING other than an attempt to moralize a bunch of lost people into Christian living. There is no real presentation of the Gospel, never any real dealings with the souls of men, and never any truth that doesn't get so coated with sugar that it loses all nutritional value. "You can't teach a goat into a sheep" as Paul Washer has said and I agree with that.

That's my take on this and anything like it.

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You know what is really weird?

John Calvin and Martin Luther did pretty much the exact same thing as this pastor.

In fact a good portion of John Calvin's annual salary was paid to him in the form of barrels of wine! John Calvin said it was, "a gift of God".

If their words and life are any gauge then Calvin and Luther would have loved this pastor.

Don't you think that's weird?

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To havok, I think you are wiser than you admit. Very well stated. If there was a way to pushpin the post for future reference, I would. Thank you!


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