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 Christians Deemed Terrorists in Studies Funded By Department of Homeland Security

Two studies that were funded in part by the United States Department of Homeland Security list Christians as “perpetrators of terrorism.”

The studies are entitled “Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism” and “Hot Spots of Terrorism and other Crimes in the United States,” and were conducted by the START program at the University of Maryland. START stands for National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. It’s director is Bill Braniff, who previously served at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Braniff frequently gives presentations to government organizations such as the FBI, the United States Attorney’s Office and others.

According to The Blaze, START has received approximately $12 million in funding from DHS and is set to receive an additional $3.6 million. The stated goal of the program is to “sponsor research that will aid the intelligence and law enforcement communities in identifying potential terrorist threats and support policymakers in developing prevention efforts.”

In the studies, various groups deemed to be a threat to American safety were categorized and outlined. Included in the list were “extreme right-wing” groups, “extreme left-wing” groups, “ethno-nationalists,” religious groups, and “single-issue” groups. Extreme right-wing groups were defined as those “that believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent … [and are] anti-global, suspicious of centralized federal authority [and] reverent of individual liberty.” Ethno-nationlists were stated to be “regionally concentrated groups with a history of organized political autonomy with their own state, traditional ruler, or regional government, who are committed to gaining or regaining political independence through any means…”

Religious groups were labeled as those “that seek to smite the purported enemies of God and other evildoers, impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists), forcibly insert religion into the political sphere (e.g., those who seek to politicize religion, such as Christian Reconstructionists and Islamists), and/or bring about Armageddon.” Single-issue groups included those that were anti-abortion and anti-Catholic in belief.

The “Profiles of Perpatrators of Terrorism” report further outlined, “There are five main varieties of religious terrorism: (1) Islamist terrorism; (2) Jewish fundamentalist terrorism, primarily inside Israel; (3) Christian terrorism, which can be further subdivided into fundamentalist terrorism of an Orthodox (mainly Russia), Catholic, or Protestant stamp (which, in the US, is especially aimed at stopping the provision of abortions) and terrorism inspired by apocalyptic Christian identity doctrine.”

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2013/9/24 17:30Profile

 Re: Christians Deemed Terrorists in Studies Funded By Department of Homeland Security

DHS has purchased over 2 bln rounds of various calibers, .40 cal for sidearms, and 5.56 mm for battle rifles for DOMESTIC well as 2700 up armored vehicles, MRAPS ( for deployment SOLELY in CONUS.

Praise God you are in Canada. two weeks ago, I was holding my passport in my hand, furious over something I read, ready to claim my RIGHT under "The Law of Return" to Israel.

however my son and his mother will not come with me, and I would rather die in this hellish Babylon than leave them behind.

but death? it has no hold over me....but I grieve, for since I was a boy, I have longed for Israel:

"By the waters of Babylon,
there we sat down and wept,
when we remembered Zion.
On the willows there
we hung up our lyres.
For there our captors
required of us songs,
and our tormentors, mirth, saying,
“Sing us one of the songs of Zion!”

How shall we sing the Lord's song
in a foreign land?
If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
let my right hand forget its skill!
Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth,
if I do not remember you,
if I do not set Jerusalem
above my highest joy!" Psalm 137:1-6

 2013/9/24 19:02

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DHS has purchased over 2 bln rounds of various calibers

If I did my math correctly this would figure six bullets per person in the USA. They sure must be poor shots if they need to stockpile that many. Maybe they plan to annihilate everyone.

Oh, well...

My brother tells me citizens are buying up ammo as well...looks like the munitions industry should be thriving quite well.

Sandra Miller

 2013/9/24 19:37Profile


people knew what hitler was.....long before he served his master...satan.

 2013/9/24 19:43

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