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 When Peace IS the Problem

When peace IS the problem! Yes, there is a time when peace is the WRONG message. Jesus came and preached peace - BUT - He said -"MY peace I give - NOT as the world giveth - in this world you will have tribulation." The world has its prophets and their message of peace IS the problem. These men and women are just as sincere and devoted as the Lord's true prophets, but their message of peace is wrong because they have spent too much time studying the needs of the people and too little time being "still and knowing I am God!"

Their very efforts to "keep the peace" among men is decried by the Lord with these words -"they heal the wound of My people lightly!" In the Septuagint, the word for wound is "destruction". Peace is the wrong message to a people being destroyed by a deep spiritual corruption. Yet, false prophets run with their message because their words are very popular among the people. They speak of personal liberty, and of throwing off the restrictions of those who claim to speak for God. They welcome and encourage new ideas and inspire the new generation to challenge the "old ways" and "old paths".

Their message of peace is focused upon the principle of men accepting one another "as they are"; this has a broad appeal and allows for a great diversity. BUT - the peace they preach IS the problem because God's peace must be a "fruit of righteousness". There is "NO PEACE" for the wicked, those who practice unrighteousness without repentance.

Preaching a peace without repentance from wickedness and pursuit of righteousness IS the problem with false prophets. They see themselves as agents of healing to men's social needs - but their prescription is all wrong because they SEE men's concerns so well while being BLIND to God's!

The peace of Jesus is full of grace and TRUTH

Alan and Dina Martin

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