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 The Lord is my shepherd by Alan Martin

The Lord is my shepherd - I shall NOT WANT!

When I do not want - I do not expect - when I do not expect - I am not disappointed.

When I am not disappointed - my hope is not deferred and my heart is not sickened.

The tranquility of soul this freedom from want creates produces a godliness with contentment in me.
This is a GREAT GAIN.

My life becomes one of guidance rather than grabbing.

I am freed from any focus on what I lack and begin to rejoice in the Lord who is with me.

I now abound in gratitude and thankfulness for His daily kindness to walk with me.

This guided life "restores my soul" and I enter into the Lord's rest in that secret inner tranquility
beside the still waters of His presence.

Since I no longer WANT - I escape the corruption in the world that is caused by lusts.

I am so contented with my Lord that the old lusts lose their attraction.

I discover the mystery Jesus spoke of when He said "whoever loses his life for MY SAKE shall find it".

The Lord is my shepherd - I no longer want - I am too busy discovering all the riches IN HIM
that He so freely shares with me as we walk together.

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