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 Revival When God's Word is fully Taught by brother Mark

Our lives are like a house with many rooms. Each room is closed off in darkness - filthy and filled with junk! When we are born again, God comes inside the front door and takes up ownership. He kills off the old "me" and raises up a new "me"...a new creation. The new "me" has new desires, desires to want to please Him, desires that want to give Him access to every part of our heart, mind, soul and flesh!

But most of the time, new believers in America fall into dead religious church systems that don't teach and preach Gods word. So most believers are in the dark and have no clue about the new covenant and living in victory over sin! They don't renew their minds, they don't take up their cross daily and as a result their "spiritual house" remains for the most part, in darkness and unchanged....year after year, decade after decade!

What would happen though, if every christian in America were to see things differently, to see that they were destined to be conformed to the image of Christ and like Paul, were to make "knowing Christ" their supreme quest and life goal??? What would happen in America if preachers and churches threw out all the " best life now" junk and instead took up Gods Word, teaching them to die to self so that "His life now" can reign in them? I'll tell you what would happen...two words...TRUE REVIVAL!!!


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 2013/9/18 22:59Profile

 Re: Revival When God's Word is fully Taught by brother Mark

I agree. If Giod's word were taught. Revival would happen. Even simply reading the New Testament would bring revival.. It is working for the persecuted church in restricted nations.


 2013/9/19 8:07

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