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 Justin Bieber breaks down during sermon

I found this article interesting. I heard pastor Carl Lentz preach a sermon at a church in our town a few months back.

I don't know Justin Bieber's heart, but he calls himself a follower of Jesus.

quote: "Bieber has long been open about his Christian faith, and previously referred to The City Church's Judah Smith as his "pastor." He has also been seen spending time with both Lentz and Smith, the latter of which has called Bieber "a spectacular young man."

It seems like everybody you talk to is "saved" and "prayed the prayer" and going to heaven.

I this "mixture" and acceptance of everybody is a Christian part of the last days deception?

~ Doug

Doug R

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 Re: Justin Bieber breaks down during sermon

I this "mixture" and acceptance of everybody is a Christian part of the last days deception?

To go to Church does not mean one is at all Christian. So many churches compromise, preach-half truths and are not in the lineage of the true apostolic Church that Jesus Christ founded.

I do not watch or know of Justin Bieber but it seems he has the most twitter followers in the world over 44 million and from looking at it briefly it ensures me he is not saved not having any fruits of repentance in his life. If we love the world the love of the Father is not in us.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: celeb Christians

For me, it has been painful to watch popular celebrities dabble in a Christian Faith, only to have fans and media fall all over themselves analyzing, criticizing, and ridiculing the person's effort. Rarely do they have the wisdom of Saul of Tarsus to go spend 3 years in the wilderness to let the reality of such a move be confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

They are busy people with prior commitments and a staff of handlers who both love their exalted positions and want to be paid. They usually take the precious and holy sprout and grind it into publicity manure.

May such a fate be avoided by you, Justin, may God graciously give you some one to push you into a proper furnace of Holy Fire.

Grab the arm of that deluded Cyrus girl on your way...!

Tom Cameron

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