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 Syria: Catholic Priest beheaded by Islamists

Syria – The Vatican has confirmed the cold-blooded murder of the Franciscan priest François Murad. He was beheaded in the public by radical Islamic terrorists on Sunday the 23th of June in northern Syria in the region of Gassanieh.

The neck of the pinioned priest was severed with a knife. Afterwards, the head was shown to the roaring crowd. The Catholic priest had sought refuge in the local Christian monastery, which was attacked by the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra.

This heinous act must bring to mind for every Christian in the world that these so-called rebels in Syria are cold-blooded killers and no freedom fighters and they are certainly not the guardians of Islam. They can shout “Allahu Akbar” while their slaughtering as loud as they want, this has absolutely nothing to do with God.

I must warn you that there is video on the link that show the beheading take place.

Colin Murray

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 Re: Syria: Catholic Priest beheaded by Islamists

 2013/9/14 15:47

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