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 attaining gray hair

Gray hair is a crown of splendor, it is attained by a righteous life. Proverbs 16:31 when we walk in all the commandments live soberly, righteously and godly walking in the ways of God will attain old age. Sadly so many young people die before their time by self destructive choices. And never come to attaining gray hair. What do you think. do you think this verse could mean this what's your point on it. My dearest brother Robin died before he experienced gray hair because his life chooses of sin.the wages of sin can some times mean death.

 2013/9/12 9:47

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 Re: attaining gray hair

I don´t think that is always so that those who are righteous and godly always attain old age.

Many who are righteous and godly have died at a young age, starting with our precious Lord.

That all who are grey haired are all righteous is obviously not true either. Just look around the world today. No need to cite examples.


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 Re: attaining gray hair

There is no doubt that many young die prematurely - or so we think - because of bad choices that effect one's health and well being. But this brings up another question: did they really die prematurely or not? There are many who pursue a lifestyle of sin and wickedness who keep living to a decent old age. A person can speculate all the possibilities why this may be so but will still end up not knowing the answer because God has not told us.

To suggest that a person who dies young was because he/she was displeasing God is not true either. The verse quoted is a wise saying - a proverb. The book is a collection of wise sayings - and absolutes. It takes a wise student to discern which is which.

When I see a godly person die before he reaches his three score and ten and I always believe their mission in life has been completed. To live beyond this time is fruitless, unproductive and disastrous. How do I know? Observation. This concept reaches into life/death issues that bedevil moderns who live in an age in which life can be extended through aggressive intervention by medical experts.

Perhaps another view of this scripture is that the elderly, which are characterized by white hair, have knowledge and wisdom to share that the young do well to take to heart.

My understanding/opinion.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Very good ginnyrose and you are so right. How does anyone of us know anything. God has everything under control. My dad who died this year lived a ripe old age of 80 but lived a hard rebellious life. I love and miss him but your right.

 2013/9/13 13:42

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