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 Re: Is There any Profit or Edification in Television?

If it is entertainment you are looking for, I suggest you get a bird feeder or two, a hummingbird feeder or two placed some distance apart well supplied with feed. Now: watch. It is so relaxing. As I watch my birds I am filled with wonder and amazement at God's creation. God is so creative: look at the use of color, angles, design, personalities of the birds. If you are a biologist you will be aware of the intricacies of the body, how it functions...all working to induce an awareness of the greatness of God.

You do not get this by watching the tube or studying news reports. After watching my birds I am filled with JOY because once again I see the creation of God at work apart from human politics or sin.

Sandra Miller

 2013/9/5 10:47Profile


Great suggestion. We have many hummingbirds. They are very enjoyable. National Geographic has some great close-ups of them with cameras I could never afford. They (hummingbirds) glorify their Creator.

 2013/9/5 12:16

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Brumley Missouri

 Re: Is There any Profit or Edification in Television?

This is a really good question. It would depend on what you are watching. A lot of television shows including reality tv, are junk.

There is too much nudity and cursing, violence other things that make me angry. My wife likes to watch cooking shows, I like a few shows like "duck dynasty" and news reports.

I am tired of "hollywood" cramming homosexualaity down my throat. I am sick of seeing America begining to rub shoulders with communism.

William Cato

 2013/9/5 15:48Profile

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What we give our life and time for is what we love. You could also include (internet surfing, facebook, movies) and much more... at the end of my life, I want to say I used my time for the glory of God. I know personally I have wasted too much of my life on things that don't matter and I will have to give an account.

I love what ginnyrose suggested and sometimes we just need to unplug and even read God's word made from paper and get away from the digital world we created. TV can create in us such a false sense of intimacy that we really crave and should be drawing from with God.

Our pastor lately talked about "practicing the presence of God' and just sitting quiet in His presence and listing and talking to God and reading his Word. That takes time, and I know I have spent 2 hours (as Leonard Ravenhill said) watching a movie when I know I could have spent 2 hours in quiet reading God's Word, praying or serving the Lord somewhere.

Just my 2 cents.

~ Doug

Doug R

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